Sunday, February 12, 2012

16 months old & First Hair Cut

On February 1st my little girl turned 16 months old..... 1 1/2 years old is coming wayyyyy to fast!!!!

LOVE this sweet face
She is such a poser these days!!!
As soon as we pick up the camera she says Cheeeeezzzzz!Kinley bugs you have started talking up a storm these days. This month you started saying: Ashley, Abby, Aubrey, open please, I dun-o (I don't know), whez daddy (where's daddy), pick me up please...which totally shocked us that you put that many words together!!!! And you call cousin Copper.... Pooper that that tickles us and Aunt Ashely!!!! Your teacher told us the other day that you have the best manners; that you always say please and thank and that makes me so very proud of you!!!! You have turned into a little bitter this month and IDK what to about that?!?!? One day you bit zizzy so hard you left upper and lower teeth print marks on her; which got you your first little spanking. And this month we've tried time out two times and you did great; you sat there for the whole minute!!!! And you love to have your pictures made with her zizzy!!!So I have put off and put off Kinley bugs first hair cut but it finally happened on Friday February 3rd. I told Ms. Taylor not matter what, don't let me cancel this appointment ;)
This was her last front shot with her baby hair, so long and stringy and places, I should be ashamed for letting her so this long without a trim!
And the last back shot..... can you see that curl under those straight hairs?!?!? She has two big curls under all that straight hair. Ms. Taylor says don't hold out hope that they will stay because her hair is so fine.... so sad!!!!Ta-Da!!!!! Kinely bugs with her new trim!!!!! Ms. Taylor cut off 2 inches off in some places!!!!Kinley bugs you did great, you sat there like a big girl and enjoyed your sucker!!!
And here's the finished product from the back.....please notice the 4 year old in the back ground taking a pic with my iPhone. She can work that thing better than me, so sad!!!!