Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Little Red Head

2-4-12 My big girl turned 53 months old...dang that sounds really old;lol! Next month she will officially be a 4 1/2 years old....woooo hoooo!!!!! Sweet Smiles!!!!And a crooked smile ;)

LOVE YOU Claire Bear!!!!

She's been begging me to let her get her hair cut so when we scheduled Kinley's first hair cut we scheduled Micah Claire a trim and she was more than excited!!!!

Her hair was so long Ms. Taylor had to have her stand up to cut itAfter the first 2inch trim she decided she wanted another 2 inches cut off so we wound up getting 4 inches cut off!!!! But I think it looks great and healthy!!!! Oh... then came the exciting fun part. Ms. Taylor had some spray in temporary red color. MC was over the moon when she found out and when she was it she couldn't stop smiling. She begged me to not make her was her hair Friday or Saturday...... but come Saturday night it had to be washed for church. She was soooo upset to see it wash out in her bath water. She asked if I could take her to Ms. Taylor's house right after church to get them put back in!