Saturday, February 4, 2012

So Many "Firsts"

This last few weeks have been full of many "firsts" for my girls and even me! Two weeks ago Micah Claire FINALLY got to ride the bus at her daycare. She has been waiting for this day for almost TWO YEARS!!!! You have to be 4 years old to ride the bus; so she's been asking me since the day she turned 4 when she could ride on Ms. Mae's bus. Well they don't do much in the winter due to all the holidays. But FINALLY the day came, they are now going to gymnastics on Tuesday morning. Let me tell you this kid was up at 5:30 AM on Tuesday January 19th READY TO GO!!!!!! She made sure that mommy packed her camera for the special occasion. When we got to school every 4 year old there was bouncing off the wall with excitement.....oh to be that young again ;) 01-19-12 First Ride on Ms. Mae's Bus!!!! One Proud girl!!!!!

This last month Micah Claire has all of a sudden decided she doesn't want to sleep by herself. She was waking anywhere from 11pm to 3am wanting to get in our bed. We have a no kids in the bed rule, unless they are sick or daddy is out of town. She was throwing such fits that she was waking Kinley up which is not a good thing! So...... we decided maybe they could start sleeping together!!!! I can't tell you how excited MC was!!!!
The bottom trundle mattress is the only bed in the house they are allowed to jump on and jump they did!!!!It was a little too much freedom for Kinley bugs at first but after 20 mins she finally settled down and went fast asleep!!!!!
I went back in an hour later to check on them and I found MC still awake singing to Kinley!!! Too sweet! The both slept all night... YEA for PEACE AND QUITE!!!!!

And the next night this is the sweet sight I found;LOVE It!!! On the third day I was picking MC up from school and she said... Momma I can't wait to get home, I don't even want to eat dinner I just want to go straight to bed with Kinley. I said do you love sleeping with her and she said YES MAM, I love being able to roll over and kiss her all night long..... YEP it MELTED MY HEART!!!!

Over the last week Kinley has learned that when she wakes she can get up and roam it's not going as smoothly this week. It seems like every few nights we have an issue and some nights are perfect; maybe one day we will all get to sleep peaceful all night long ;)

Weekend before last my sweet husband planned a get-a-way for just him and me. YAY a MUCH needed break..... But BOOOOOO I had never spent the night away from Kinley. I knew I needed the break but it was so hard to leave her. When I dropped her off at school that morning I balled like a baby. Several of the teachers just gave me a hug and laughed. I have to admit the break was wonderful!!! When we got to the hotel I took an hour nap, WOOO HOO!!!Then sweet hubs booked me a 90 min massage and it was TOO DIE FOR!!!!! Which was followed by another nap and then a long bath and shower... YEP I TOOK BOTH,lol!!! Then we had a wonderful candle light dinner at a steak house! It was so nice to just be alone with him and talk about real grown up stuff. Thanks Willie!!!!! When we pulled into my mom's drive Micah Claire came running at full force to hug me; it was the best feeling in the world!

That afternoon we had Emily's birthday party at the HSU pool! This was Kinley's first time to get to swim there!

My chunkie-monkey!!!!! TOO CUTE!!!!!Mommy and her girls!!!!Kinley had a great time and enjoyed every minute of being in that cold water.... Momma not so much;lol!

MC was super excited because she got to drink an orange soda at the party and Kinley loved Mimi feeding her smarties.... my little sugar-a-holics!
Micah Claire had her first experience with a hot tub and LOVED it; she told me we needed one at home... I second that MC!!!!

Kinley had fun watching the kids splash and squeal in the hot tub!

Aunt Stacy trying to bribe Kinley with a strawberry cake ball for a kiss. AND........


Last Wednesday I was sitting in my closet putting my make up on and Kinley woke up and found me. She loves to sit in my lap and play with my make up bag. But Wednesday morning she wasn't acting quite right and she wanted to cuddle up on me..... Me in my brand new scrubs that just came in the mail Tuesday afternoon. She started coughing and gaging and I knew immediately she was about to throw up......... and there was nothing I could do...... she immediately started throwing up all over me. She was just crying and saying momma and clinging to me... me in my brand new scrubs that were now covered in chunks of pineapple. And of course Daddy was out of town working....lucky dog. Luckily she only threw up two more times in the next 4-5 hours and it was over. I was so happy it was just a mild tummy bug and me nor MC got it!!!!

Last Friday night we headed to Hot Springs to do some shopping and to have dinner with Aunt Ash, Uncle Eric, and Cooper! This was both girls first trip to Outback. And yes Kinley got to eat Outback food... I just gave her some fruit to eat till our food got there!

MC had a great time with Uncle Eric......... Uncle Eric who ordered the Aussie Fries with ranch as an appetizer..... MC LOVED them and ate a whoooooole bunch..... And then woke up Saturday morning with the stomach bug. Bless her heart this is her 4th time to get the stomach bug in 10 months. But this time she knew she didn't feel right and went to the bathroom and got sick over the POTTY!!!!!!! YEA MC!!!!!!!! So nice to have a child that understands what to do when she gets sick!!!!!! She wasn't as lucky as Kinley bugs; she was sick almost every hour for an entire day.

Cooper enjoyed his first Outback experience so much that he took a big ole hour nap while were where there! Last Sunday Kinley got her first taste of a pudding cup!

At first she was eating so nice and neat via her spoon....................

But that only last a minute or two.... then it was both hands and face into the container. It was such a funny sight to watch! To save she loved it is a true understatement!

And yesterday we made a smoothie at snack time and Kinley finally got to sit up on the bar and help up make it. She had a blast till that blender kicked on...... she didn't' know what to think about the noise and movement it made!She loved it and by the end was just as messy as she was with that pudding cup!

MC said momma pull her chair up beside mine so i can show her how big girls drink from a straw, cracked me up!


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