Friday, March 9, 2012

17 months....Last Month to just be ONE

Last Thursday Our Kinley bugs turned 17 months old. This is her last official month to just be ONE... next month One and a Half, sob sob!!!! It seems like everyday this girl is changing, growing, and learn more and more. This isn't much she can't say; I swear she says 5 or 6 new words everyday. She is very interested the potty........Let me rephrase that... She is very interested in whatcing US us the potty;lol! Maybe potty trainng will be coming soon!!!!

Some of new words this month are: Lindey, cho cho, outside, purple, Eric, Madyson, Madie,Mimi, Paige, brush, bite, tee tee, poop, car, truck, cow, horse My sweet precious little girl!!!! This smile melts my heart numerous times a day!!!!Blowing momma kisses!!! Trying so hard to ride sissy's scooter....which has led to a few falls, knots, and bumpsAnd she is still her Daddy's girlShe LOVES to go check the mail

Oh and how I forgot about those fits... OUT OF NO WHERE!!!!! TOTAL MELTDOWNS!!!!! Right after these fits started I got her monthly email from babycenter that said...."Meltdown city" GOOD LORD were they right. Luckily they don't' last long!

It's funny when these meltdowns occur my hubs shoots me a glare (a not so nice one) and says.... AND YOU WANT ANOTHER ONE!!!!! LOL!

But after they pass, my sweet Kinley bugs is back!

Love you Kinley Bugs!

L-O-V-E these pig tails!!!!

OMG she has learned to pull herself up onto EVERYTHING and ANYTHING these days!!!! Her favorite thing to do is get up on the potty and get into the medicine cabinet!

Can't believe our sweet baby girl is only a few weeks away from being 1.5!!!!