Friday, April 6, 2012

55 Months Old and she dropped the F** BOMB

Okay I had better explain quickly before you think I have a foul mouth 4 year old!!!! Look Closely and you will see only TWO asterisks after the "F" in this months Blog Title. NO NO NO she did not use the "F" word you think... or she might not still be alive,lol!!!! She has learned the word FAT!!!! And if you know me... YOU KNOW that's just as bad as the real "F" word. I can't stand the word fat, it's so hurtful to so many and leaves scares last last way longer than a true physical scar. Somebody, who I wont name (UNCLE ERIC!!!!) showed her the Fat Face App on his I-phone and then she got hooked on that commercial for the Wt loss center in Little Rock that shows all the belly pics and says "LOSE THE FAT, Get the Skinny on weight loss at our center!" She has used it NUMEROUS times in the last month and we had SEVERAL TALKS what a not nice word that is, and how it hurts peoples feelings and how there are MANY MANY other ways to talk about people's size. We are religious Biggest Loser Watchers!!! WE LOVE IT!!! She asks a hundred questions about why those people are there and why they look the way the do. I try to keep things very simple and just say they are there because they chose to eat unhealthy too much, and they just didn't get outside enough to play. We've talked about how these people are "unhealthy" and I've been telling her that even people who look healthy on the outside may not be on the healthy on the inside if they eat too much fast food, candy, and drink sodas all the time. She is slowly starting to get the picture... I think!!!!! Only 5 months till we are 5 years old!!!! Looking so grown up these days!Such a silly girl these days!LOVE you Claire Bear!!!! head to the left....thenhead to the right ;)Sunday we headed to Glenwood to Aunt Paige's baby shower!!!! We are sooo happy for her and Uncle Jody and we CAN'T WAIT to meet baby Greer (or Rear as MC says,lol)!!!!Last Saturday I ran another 5K and I placed 3rd for my age division. I came home and showed MC my medal and she said... "momma is that your medal?" I told her YES!! And she said... "Momma You're AWESOME!!!!!" I couldn't believe she was so proud of me, just made my heart BURST into a MILLION pieces!!!!!!

The last has been an extremely hard one for me. Three weeks ago I had to watch one of my dearest friends bury her baby boy at very young age. Her two boys were close in age like MC and Kinley Beth. My heart just broke for her, I couldn't sleep and couldn't make it through the day without crying for her. I can't even begin to imagine how hard this is for her. She would call me just in the point where I couldn't even understand her. All I could do was cry with her. I have no idea why God takes children from their mommas. And I know we are to trust in him 100% and not question his action, but as humans we can't help but wonder and question things like this. I know heaven is a wonderful, perfect place. And I know her son is at rest, has peace, and is happy! But as a mother it's hard to imagine life on this earth without your babies!!!! I say all this to say.... love your babies, hug and kiss them daily because we aren't guaranteed anything except an ETERNAL life with God our Father in Heaven!!!!

Half Way to TWO!!!!!

This past Sunday our little girl turned 1 1/2 years old.... can't believe she's half way to two years old. We'll planning that 2nd Birthday party before you know it!!!!
LOVE this little cheesy grin!!!! My baby girl doesn't look like such a baby anymore :(

Worlds cutest least I think so ;0CAMERA HAM!!!
Big Laughs watching sissy act silly!
Look at these monstrous feet,lol!

My Happy Little GirlThe Two Greatest Blessings of My Life!!!!
Sweet Sister KissesMy Little Twinkies!!!Kinley, Kinley Bugs, Kinley Beth, Liz, Lizzie you have sooo many little nicknames these days. My favorite one is Lizzie Lou, Sissy calls you that and it melts my heart! You are the sweetest most mild temper child I have ever meet. You are very slow to anger and you get over it very quickly when you do get mad, you get that wonderful quality from your daddy!

This month you have turned into a BITTER!!!!! IDK why you have a turned into a bitter. In the last month you have had FIVE incident reports from school for biting. I am sooo hoping it's because you are cutting your last four teeth and as soon as the are completely in you will stop biting.

You and sissy flip and flop so much in your sleep that you were waking each other up several times a night. Which led to you both coming into mommy and daddy's room anywhere from midnight to 4am. So this month we decided to put sissy in the top bed and you in the trundle bed. You cried for less than minuet the first night you woke then you went back to sleep for the rest of the night... and now you are both sleeping ALL NIGHT LONG in your OWN BED!!!!!!! WOO HOOOO!!!!!! BUT... you have gotten to the point now that you don't like to be rocked to sleep anymore, you like to just lay on your pillow and go to sleep. I love your independence but your my baby and I'm so missing that sweet rocking and cuddling time :(

You are talking up a STORM these days. Some of your new words this month are: sick, snack, Nick, milk, fish, Korbin, medicine, home, come on, and eat. There really isn't much you can't say these days. You hardly ever say just one word anymore, you typically say two, three, or even four words at one time; it truly amazes me at well you are talking these days! You weren't having any separation issues till about two weeks ago. When I take you to the play room at the gym or to Sunday school you really get upset when I leave. So.... I started giving you the passy at those times. I know, I know, I AM WEAK!!!!!!! But I can't bear to let her cry and it's only for a hour tops and then I take it from her as soon as we leave those places. I am going to have to get tuff and just throw that dang passy away soon.

Today we went by my office and did your measurements: You are 26#12oz and 32 1/4 inches long. You still in a size 5 diaper and you still will eat anything in the world; you are soooo not a picky eater at all! You are still in the 1 to 1 1/2 year old room at school but you are starting to spend the afternoons in the 1 1/2 to 2 year old room and in the next few weeks you will be in there full time.

We L-O-V-E you Kinley Elizabeth!!!!!!!