Friday, April 6, 2012

Half Way to TWO!!!!!

This past Sunday our little girl turned 1 1/2 years old.... can't believe she's half way to two years old. We'll planning that 2nd Birthday party before you know it!!!!
LOVE this little cheesy grin!!!! My baby girl doesn't look like such a baby anymore :(

Worlds cutest least I think so ;0CAMERA HAM!!!
Big Laughs watching sissy act silly!
Look at these monstrous feet,lol!

My Happy Little GirlThe Two Greatest Blessings of My Life!!!!
Sweet Sister KissesMy Little Twinkies!!!Kinley, Kinley Bugs, Kinley Beth, Liz, Lizzie you have sooo many little nicknames these days. My favorite one is Lizzie Lou, Sissy calls you that and it melts my heart! You are the sweetest most mild temper child I have ever meet. You are very slow to anger and you get over it very quickly when you do get mad, you get that wonderful quality from your daddy!

This month you have turned into a BITTER!!!!! IDK why you have a turned into a bitter. In the last month you have had FIVE incident reports from school for biting. I am sooo hoping it's because you are cutting your last four teeth and as soon as the are completely in you will stop biting.

You and sissy flip and flop so much in your sleep that you were waking each other up several times a night. Which led to you both coming into mommy and daddy's room anywhere from midnight to 4am. So this month we decided to put sissy in the top bed and you in the trundle bed. You cried for less than minuet the first night you woke then you went back to sleep for the rest of the night... and now you are both sleeping ALL NIGHT LONG in your OWN BED!!!!!!! WOO HOOOO!!!!!! BUT... you have gotten to the point now that you don't like to be rocked to sleep anymore, you like to just lay on your pillow and go to sleep. I love your independence but your my baby and I'm so missing that sweet rocking and cuddling time :(

You are talking up a STORM these days. Some of your new words this month are: sick, snack, Nick, milk, fish, Korbin, medicine, home, come on, and eat. There really isn't much you can't say these days. You hardly ever say just one word anymore, you typically say two, three, or even four words at one time; it truly amazes me at well you are talking these days! You weren't having any separation issues till about two weeks ago. When I take you to the play room at the gym or to Sunday school you really get upset when I leave. So.... I started giving you the passy at those times. I know, I know, I AM WEAK!!!!!!! But I can't bear to let her cry and it's only for a hour tops and then I take it from her as soon as we leave those places. I am going to have to get tuff and just throw that dang passy away soon.

Today we went by my office and did your measurements: You are 26#12oz and 32 1/4 inches long. You still in a size 5 diaper and you still will eat anything in the world; you are soooo not a picky eater at all! You are still in the 1 to 1 1/2 year old room at school but you are starting to spend the afternoons in the 1 1/2 to 2 year old room and in the next few weeks you will be in there full time.

We L-O-V-E you Kinley Elizabeth!!!!!!!