Sunday, May 20, 2012

19 months old

My baby girl turned 19 months of the first of this month....yes that was 19 days ago.  I am nothing short of slacker this month;lol! But, I have good reasons.  My stupid camera quit working on me..on Easter morning..of course.  So I've been having to use my iphone to get pics and they just aren't the same quality as my Nikon.  But, anyways... better late than never!
This month my sweet baby girl has lost some of her sweetness.  We are still having frequent meltdowns, maybe they will be over soon (fingers crossed!).  She went two whole weeks with no biting at school and then she bite 4 times the next two weeks :(
She moved up to the big kids class and she did WAYYYY better than I was expecting;good job Kinley bugs!!!
DISCLAIMER!!! (apparently while I've been on a blogging break blogger has made some changes and I just don't have the energy to learn about them these pics are all out of whack ;) )

 Too cool!

 Getting ready for school pics at sissy's school
 already 19 months old!!!
 only 5 months till she's TWO YEARS OLD!!!
 yep... had a melt down
  Mommy and her girls!!!!

 Kinley's first school pics...NO SMILE HERE!!!
So serious...but so stinking cute!!!

Such a little camera ham!!
Kinley LOVES that sissy is playing teeball!!!
Practicing our smiles for our school pics

This picture was to follow the melt down pic and I can't get it there.... But I guess it's fitting to end this month's post with this pic since it how we send most of our days,lol!!!