Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Month 57...oh how I've waited for you!!!

This past month has been GREAT!!! Micah Claire I know your gonna kill me for posting this, but when you become a mommy (around 30 years old) you will totally understand my excitement.  For the last SIX weeks you have been sleeping in big girl panties and keeping them dry... no accidents..PRAISE THE LORD!!!!  I am super pumped to not have to buy those expensive pull ups anymore and I'm glad your bladder has finally matured and we don't have to do any testing when you turn five!!!!
And speaking of turning 5.... it's less than 3 months till your 5th birthday! Holy Cow is that possible???

You are growing by leaps and bounds these days. I know it wont be long until you are as tall as me. 
A few Saturdays ago we were visiting Papaw Cowart in the hospital and you begged us to let cousin Remi spend the night.  When we finally said yes you about did a back flip!! You are super excited to have your first sleepover. 

You girls had a blast swimming in the pool
and playing dress up!

You had your very last tee ball game two weeks ago.  Although I will not miss the practices and the hot games, I will miss watching you play!
Last bat of the year; I can't wait to see how much you progress by next year!
Trophy Time!!!
You feel madly in love with her trophy.. I am not exaggerating when I say you slept with it four nights straight; you took it to school, Sunday school, and you have shown everybody in our family!!

My little Teeballer!!!!

Patterson sponsored a pizza party after the last game for all the kids and parents and we had a BLAST!!!
And what's a party without some cupcakes ;)

And Kinley bugs even joined in on the festivities!!!