Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer Kick-Off!!!! Memorial Day 2012

What better way to kick off Memorial Day weekend than with a birthday party! Friday night we went to Jump City to celebrate Taylor turning 5 years old!!!

 Can you tell Kinley enjoyed her hot pink cup cake,lol!
And Micah Claire loved her purple one just as well!
 Then Saturday morning loaded the party barge and hit the lake!!!

And my big girl hit the lake so hard she passed smooth out on daddy during the ride home; precious!!

 Sweet night time cuddles with uncle Eric!
 Bath time was a little more crowed this year with the addition of my cutie pie nephew Cooper!!!
 MC was beyond excited to get to sleep in the top bunk again this year!!! ( Our 4th night of camping she smooth rolled off of it and I got her foot to the nose; after the shock wore off the pain set in = not fun!)

 Cooper even got to hang in the bunk bed for a little while!  Such cutie pies!!!

 Sunday we had a beach day!  LOVE this pic of our family, melts my heart!!! ( my camera is done-zo and I haven't gotten a new one yet; so THANKS Aunt Ashley for taking so many great pic for us!!!)
 Mommy, Daddy and sweet Kinley bugs!!
 My big girl!
 MC had a making a mess.... I mean sand castles on the beach with Cooper!
Kinley loved the water. She kept Papaw Barry, Ms.Debbie and Mommy busy the entire time! 

 Kinley enjoying the sucker Papaw Barry brought her...this pic just cracks me up!
 Sweet Sucker Smiles!!!
 Picture time with Papaw Barry!
Big Smiles from my little bugs!

 And MC's highlight of the entire camping trip.....getting a Diet Coke with her dinner.  Guess she's gonna be an addicted just like her momma ;)
 Papaw and MC!
 Monday we took the boat out again and had a blast. There was hardly anybody out on the lake, we had it all to ourselves and we LOVED it!!!!
 MC soaking up some rays ;)
 Super Smiles from little fish!
 Nana finally braved the cold waters and got in with the girls
 Great times and great memories!!!
Nana and Bugs getting water logged!

 And Thursday night we finally got around to making smores....Kinley finally got her VERY FIRST SMORE!!!! Mommy tired to feed to her nice and neatly, but..........
 she wanted no part of that...she grabbed it and drove right in.  It was L-O-V-E at first bite!!!!
And of course MC is smore eating pro by now ;)