Saturday, July 28, 2012

Golfing with Uncle Eric

When we were camping at Edgewood we had to make several trips by the DeGray Golf course and it caught MC's eye.  She asked a million questions every time we went by and I had to tell her that Mommy doesn't know much about golf at all. I told her Uncle Eric did and that fascinated her. She asked me if he might take her sometime so I told her to ask him.  The very next time she saw him she asked and he set up a date to take her that Sunday to play.  She was beyond excited and couldn't hardly wait the day and half she till it was Sunday.  

First Ride in a Golf Cart!!!

 She was standoffish at first and wanted to watch Uncle Eric hit a few balls; but by Hole #2 she was ready to give it a try!!!
.LOVE this picture!!!!
 Uncle Eric trying to correct her swing
 Oh so close...went right over the hole!
 Then she made it!! And she was so excited as was her mommy!
 Picture Stop at Hole #5
 My little she is one of the VERY few if the NOT ONLY person sporting a Justin Bieber shirt on the course!
 She caught on much quicker than I expected and actually did a good job!
 When she saw the sand trap...she coudn't wait to get her ball in it.
 Uncle Eric tried to explain that golfers really didn't want to get their ball in the sand but thought it was the coolest!
 Sometimes she thought it was just fun to hit the ball a hundred times...Uncle Eric was a sport in the heat and humidity.  He kept telling her.... If I didn't know better I would think you were missing that hole on purpose!
She wanted to watch every hit Uncle Eric make.

She had a great time and can't wait to play again.  On the ride home I asked her what her favorite part was and she said she liked it when Uncle Eric hit the ball in the water...both times....CRACKED ME UP!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

4th of July

We spent the entire week of the Fourth of July camping at the lake.  This time it was just me, the girls, and Nana and we had a BLAST!!!!

 My big girls this year
And my little girls just a year ago.... They've grown and changed so much since this picutre!

 So full of energy..they kept me on my toes all week!
 The silly pose
 And the serious pose
 My little camera ham
 So stinking cute!
 And what's camping in 100 plus degree temps without some cool ice cream
 Glad I'm not the only one who gets giddy over ice cream ;)
 LOVE THIS!!!! Nothing like a little ice cream with your sister!!!
 Such the posers these days
 Even with a burn ban in effect we still had smores...via the microwave!!!!

The water was so low the girls could walk out to the poll all by themselves  MC was so proud to do it; she really felt like a big girl!

After the fourth day we needed a break from the lake. So, we scooped up Maggie Grace and headed to Hot Springs for some indoor fun... which started with a super nutritious meal at McDonalds!

 Kinley Bugs downing her ketchup
 Nothing like a ketchup mustache,lol!
 Then it was time for some real fun at Jump City!!!!
 Yummy snack break
 Lots of fun games
 And her very favorite it getting to drive the car...thank goodness she doesn't know it takes money to really play it ;)
 Fun at the camp ground park!

You can't tell Kinley doesn't remind you of Chris Farley in this picture!!!!!!!

 Sweet girls!
 Forth of July swim suits!!!

 She loves the skirt with her "hiding shorts" as she called them!
 Then it finally time for the fireworks!!!!

 My Bear
My Bugs

Poor Kinley bugs didn't even make to the first firework. She was out like a light and slept through the entire show!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

4 is slipping away so fast

Yep, in less than 2 month we will officially have a 5 year old in our house.  REALLY...WOW!!! It sounds ridiculous say, it sounds impossible to be saying, but its true!!!! This child is so full of life and spunk these days.  Bless her heart, she thinks before she speaks 99.9% of the time.  I pray she learns a lot earlier in life than her momma did that it's not necessarily a good thing to do!  She is still the worlds shyest kid if she doesn't know you. She curls up around my leg, will not make eye contact, or talk at all and it drives me NUTS!!!! Maybe she will start to over come that this next year!

 My big, independent girl!  I will put her in the cutest outfit with matching bow, shoes, etc.  We get ready to leave and out she comes from her room with a TON of the jewlery on. Jelwery that doesn't match and in my opnion isn't cute at all. BUT... I let her wear it. But I do try to explain why they don't go with her outfit.  This day I tried to expalin to her that a BRIGHT read Razorback necklace didn't match her green zebra print dress.  She told me she didn't care she loved it and wanted to wear it. I guess I have to respect her opinion... even if it kills me,lol!
 She has learned the pledge of  allegiance and re-sights it quite frequently....just can't get her to understand its the right arm NOT her left arm that goes over her heart.  So stubborn....I mean independent!
 IDK what this pose is all about.....
 My big little girl!
 Playing camera shy!
 This month MC made her first trip to the Arkadelphia water park.  She and Taylor had a blast even though they weren't quite tall enough to ride the big slide they wanted to.
 Yummy snack time at the water park!!!
 SUPER WOMAN!!!! MC had a blast celebration cousin Copper's 1st bday this last month!
 The weekend after Shawn's grandfather passed away the entire family got together to celebrate Granny Cowart's birthday.  We had a GREAT time!!! MC loves her cousin Remi so much! I wish they lived closer so they could see each other more often!
 MC and cousin Madeline.... just craks me up!!!
 MC and Remi giving each other bye hugs; precious!!!
 And FINALLY Nana talked MC into taking her earrings out.  She has been TERRIFIED to take them out since she got them pierced. I think she thought every time she changed them it would feel like it did when she got them done.  Once she realized it was painless..... they raided Nana's jewelry box!
 And of course her favorite was the long dangle ones and the

diamond hoops...can't say I blame her one bit for LOVING those!!! We love more than words can says Micah Claire and no matter how old you are you will ALWAYS be our baby girl!!!