Sunday, July 15, 2012

4th of July

We spent the entire week of the Fourth of July camping at the lake.  This time it was just me, the girls, and Nana and we had a BLAST!!!!

 My big girls this year
And my little girls just a year ago.... They've grown and changed so much since this picutre!

 So full of energy..they kept me on my toes all week!
 The silly pose
 And the serious pose
 My little camera ham
 So stinking cute!
 And what's camping in 100 plus degree temps without some cool ice cream
 Glad I'm not the only one who gets giddy over ice cream ;)
 LOVE THIS!!!! Nothing like a little ice cream with your sister!!!
 Such the posers these days
 Even with a burn ban in effect we still had smores...via the microwave!!!!

The water was so low the girls could walk out to the poll all by themselves  MC was so proud to do it; she really felt like a big girl!

After the fourth day we needed a break from the lake. So, we scooped up Maggie Grace and headed to Hot Springs for some indoor fun... which started with a super nutritious meal at McDonalds!

 Kinley Bugs downing her ketchup
 Nothing like a ketchup mustache,lol!
 Then it was time for some real fun at Jump City!!!!
 Yummy snack break
 Lots of fun games
 And her very favorite it getting to drive the car...thank goodness she doesn't know it takes money to really play it ;)
 Fun at the camp ground park!

You can't tell Kinley doesn't remind you of Chris Farley in this picture!!!!!!!

 Sweet girls!
 Forth of July swim suits!!!

 She loves the skirt with her "hiding shorts" as she called them!
 Then it finally time for the fireworks!!!!

 My Bear
My Bugs

Poor Kinley bugs didn't even make to the first firework. She was out like a light and slept through the entire show!