Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Daddy's Birthday

Our original plans were to spend daddy's birthday week in Gulf Shores with my mom's family. But do to some family issues and Shawn's Grandfather passing away we had a last minute change of plans and decided to spend the entire week camping at the lake.  

 No Daddy didn't turn 4 this year...but we couldn't find the candles and luckily Nana still had MC's candle from last year... I think it turned out pretty cute anyways!!!
 Nana lighting the big #4 candle and............

 MC couldn't wait to help daddy blow the candle out!

 Kinley passed on the cheese cake and hit up the cup cakes and she loved them!
 And Micah Claire did as well!
We had my entire family out for the party and had a great time!  LOVE this pic... Cooper just wasn't digging Uncle Shawn and Uncle Shawn was trying everything he knew to make him happy!
 We camped for SEVEN straight days.... each day had it's high and low points.  Camping with two kids who were staying up later than normal, in 100 degree heat made for many melt downs; But we still had a blast!
 LOVE this pic of my Kinley Bugs...she looks like such a big girl.
 We did lots of walking around the campsite
 And lots of playing in the sand and water!

My moody... I mean sweet big girl ;)
 Papaw Barry brought them a bag full of goodies that included 1.2 million suckers and the largest tub of animal crackers he could find!!!
 My girls are the sweetest things in the morning.  They always hug and kiss each other and say I's precious..... then less then a minute later somebody is screaming and/or crying because somebody has hit, scratched, taken a toy from the other....such is parenthood!
 A bicycle built for two,lol!
 Daddy had a blast playing on the playground equipment with the girls; cracked me up!
Kinley's turn to catch Daddy!

 One day at the park I was taking MC's picture and I sat my Diet Coke down.... Kinley made a bee-line to it........
 And as you can see, it was L-O-V-E at first drink!!!!!! Cracks me up!!!!

 MC has figured out how to pump her legs while swinging and she went so high it scared the mess out of me!

 Kinley having a blast sliding...such a sweet smile!
 My little climbing monkey!
 My baby girl....ins't such a baby anymore!
Mommy and MC
 And of course you can't camp without popsicles!!!
 Popsicle Twinkies!!!
 Kinley got straight to work on hers
 The start of a mess
 The middle of a mess
and the final messy product.....we had to hose her off after that one,lol!
 We took the party barge out almost everyday.  Even though it was hot outside the water was chilly but I braved it for my kidos!

 Daddy and MC

 My too cool 41/2 year old!!
 Poor Kinley bugs just couldn't hang one day and passed smooth out on the boat...precious!!!

MC and Daddy tried to fish..they weren't' successful but they had fun trying!

 Our captain!!!
 Beep Beep!
MC did a GREAT job taking me and daddy's picture!!!!

After several days of staying up late, getting up early, and skipping a few naps my girls CRASHED!!! They both took a 4 hour nap.  I went in to check on them and this is what I found......

 Kinley with her faced almost completely covered up and was snoring like a grown man and.....
MC passed out with a hair clip on her arm.  When I took it off there was some serious marks on her arm...poor baby!
We had lots of fun visitors like Mr. Jimmy
Nick-Nick (my future son-in-law)

And our last day we spent a couple hours at the beach with Andrea!!!!