Saturday, July 14, 2012

Getting so close to TWO!!!!

Yet another month has flown by and baby girl is yet another month closer to turning TWO YEARS OLD!!! OMG, it just can't be possible. If I think about it hard enough I become overwhelmed by 
emotions and my eyes fill with tears!   
 LOVE this happy girl!

 My babies have grown so much over this year, it's just crazy!!!
 My FAVORITE picture in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!!!
 Mommy and her Kinley Bugs!
 This month we helped cousin Madelyn celebrate her 3rd b-day.  Kinley is all about birthday parties. If she hears you say birthday party she immediately says.... I want CAKE!!!!
 Every time I come in the door she asks.... You running momma!
 This summer has been hot, humid, and dry and Kinley bugs has found the water sprinkler and she loves it!!
 We got out of the car from church one day and she ran straight to it and was soaking wet by the time I could get to her!
 If you know me you know I've always said I WILL NOT share my bed with a kid..... well the good Lord has a funny way of teaching things.  For the last THREE months Kinley has gotten out of her bed somewhere between 11:30pm and 4:30am and climbs right into bed with us.  I would wake up and there she would be.  I told Shawn, I swear I don't remember her coming in or me putting her in bed.  Then one night I just happen to hear her and I watched.  To my amazement she climbed up at the foot of the bed, walked up the bed and planted her self right in bed.  I couldn't help but laugh out at that, and it made me feel better because I really thought I was losing my mind!  I run at 5am a few mornings a week.  This last week when I woke this is the sight I saw and I couldn't resist taking a picture.  Daddy says he loves waking up with her in the bed because she rubs his neck and back till he wakes up.... can say SPOILED daddy!!!!
Kinley's vocabulary has EXPLODED this month.  At times she will says 2 or 3 sentences together and it floors me!!! She loves her gas-is (glasses) and she loves to sing about those silly monkeys jumping on the bed and bumping their heads.  She has stopped calling herself Kinley and now calls herself Ninley and even sometimes actually says Kinley.  She has also finally learned to say Micah Claire's name.  I thought MC was gonna bust out in tears the first time she said it; which melted my heart to see!
We love you to the moon and back sweet Kinley Bugs!