Sunday, August 5, 2012

22 months old

Kinley Bugs you are officially 22 months old!  You are growing and changing everyday.  You're vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds everyday and it's amazing!  You can go up and down steps with ease now and you LOVE to jump.  This month your new thing is saying.... Mommy watch me, or Mommy watch this!  You have discovered bubble gum and are obsessed with it.  We can't get you to understand that you chew it then spit it out; you just swallow it when your done.  When I ask you where your gum went you say... I chew it.  When I say where is jab your finger down your throat (almost gagging yourself) and say I chew it Momma; cracks me up!

 Your hair has really been growing these last few months and you even started growing some bangs.....all which led to a semi mullet look.....So mommy called Ms. Taylor and said you gotta shape this mullet up!
 You never moved....probably because of that yummy sucker,lol!
 Almost all trimmed up and so excited about it!!!!
 Kinley Beth showing off her new hair cut....too cute!!!!
 I've been lax on the potty training this last month but last week you just started asking to go to the potty.  It shocked me but I went with it and it's all starting to click with you know! We went to WalMart and got you some Miss-e-Mouse panties and LOVED them!!!
 So happy to be going on the potty like a big girl!!!
 When you get home from school you typically ask to go tee tee on the potty 3 or 4 times before bed.  A few nights this week you've even kept your diaper dry all night long! GO KINLEY BUGS!!!! As soon as you tee tee or poop on the potty you say... I want smarties and smarties you get!!!!
 You're favorite two foods are blueberries and bananas.  You use to call bananas emmies, then you started calling them em-e-nas but this last week you finally put it all together and you now call the BA-NANAS!!! 
 Daddy has taught you to call those HOGS and it's PRECIOUS!!! Instead of Wooo Pig Sooie you say Ahhhh Pig Sooie and it cracks us up!!!
 Cutest Little Razorback....seems like just yesterday MC was this little and wearing this :(
 Last weekend you got to stay up late and watch Mommy and Aunt Ashley run the Dam Night Run.  You had a blast playing in the water and eating watermelon at the end of the race.
 Sweet Kisses!  MC did a great job catching this moment, thanks MC!!!
 MC LOVES taking pics with my phone these days.  She use to get 1/2 my body or cut my head off....but these days she is getting much better which means Mommy is getting some sweet pics!!!
 You can now crawl up into your car seat and get your straps on.....such a big girl!
 Wednesday night you made your very first trip to Davidson camp grounds!
 Even in 103 degree weather you still talked your daddy into pushing your around on the big girl bike!
 And you also got your first taste of cobbler and you LOVED it too!  Thanks Ms. Bethany for the yummy cobbler, your the best!!!!
 My sweet girls! Just can''t believe they are about to be 2 and 5....OMG!!!!
 You no longer get your passy in the church nursery or the gym play room, you only get it during church service.  As soon as you hear us say the word "Church" you instantly say... I want my passy!!! This was your first Davidson church service and you did really good considering the heat, how late at night it was, and all the kids who kept your attention.
 Last week Ms. Sandy made us a ding dong cake.  You gobbled  it up and wanted MORE!!! That night in your sleep you talked about cake all night and it cracked me up!
 You love sunglasses these days!
 You keep your hot pink pair of sunglasses in the side of your car seat just in case you need them!  As soon as you put them on you holler... Mommy glasses on!
 I think this is my favorite picture of us together....LOVE IT!!!!
 Sweet Kisses for Mommy1
 Last night we took to Scoops for the very first time and you loved their vanilla, chocolate, and rocky road ice cream! NO we didn't buy you all those just ate bites of everybody's ice cream,lol

But the one thing that hasn't changed over this last month.... you still manage to sneak into Mommy and Daddy's bed at 5:30am every morning.....precious!