Sunday, August 5, 2012

Last month to be 4 years old

I can't believe that when I sit down to right next month's blog post you will be 5 years old.  I am so grateful that you are healthy and growing but I'm so sad that my first born baby girl is almost five years old.  I've always hated the fact that you miss the kindergarten start date by a hand full of days but now that we are so close to the start of the school year I am ECSTATIC that you are not going!!!! You have grown and matured so much this last year.  You are still extremely shy in public but at home and around close friends and family you are a social butterfly and entertainer! You love to sing and dance especially to Justin Bieber or Cici and Rocky! You are an amazing and nurturing big sister. First thing you do in the morning is kiss Kinley bugs and tell you love her; it truly melts my heart every morning! You are so full of energy; you flip from one end of our house to the other all day long.  If you aren't singing you are making up a funny cheer!  

 This summer you have got to go on lots of outings on Ms. Mae's bus!  This past Wednesday you got to ride to the Dollar Store.  You were so excited to get to take your money and buy whatever you wanted.  You came home with Glow Sticks and a tube of plaster to make plastic balloons with (that one threw me and daddy for a loop,lol!)
 Kirby is still your favorite baby doll...even though most of her hair has fallen out (due to your fixing it so much).  You sleep with Kirby, take her to school, church, and every other trip we make!
 Wednesday you made your very first trip to Davidson camp grounds.  You had a blast with Maggie and Georgia Kate!
 LOVE these sweet girls!  I hope they make years and years of wonderful memories together!
 Still can't believe you are about to be the BIG FIVE!!!!
 Two Saturday's ago Aunt Ashley and  Uncle Eric baby sat you and Kinley so that mommy and daddy could go on a date!  You and Uncle Eric left to grab a pizza but had to stop by the dollar store to get some diapers and you found your very own set of golf clubs.  Sweet Uncle Eric bought them for you and you have been practicing all over the house these last few weeks!
 You LOVE to do arts and crafts. You love to make pictures for everybody in our family... especially if you can use glue!  Last week you put on Mimi's glasses while doing crafts... cracked me up!
 You still LOVE getting to try on Mommy's earrings.  Even though they look cute on you it will be MANY MANY years before wear earrings likes this MC!!!!
 You are so into braids these days! Even though you constantly remind me I don't braid like or as good as Ms. Michelle does, I still try.

Friday we went shopping for school clothes.  You finally got to shop at JUSTICE and you were over joyed to be in there.  There is more glitter and wild prints in that place than anywhere else on the face of the 
earth ( which is why you loved it!).    
 Last night you finally took the time to sit down all by yourself and put your earrings in all by yourself.  I checked on you a million times and you were nervous and cautious but finally got them in all by yourself!!!
And last night while in Hot Springs we stopped by Scoops.... your first Scoops trip and I'm sure it wont be your last because you loved it!!!