Saturday, August 18, 2012

What a Week!

Over the last 3 or 4 weeks the girls have been staying up late playing with one another, which leads into somebody somebody picking on somebody, which leads to somebody screaming and crying about the time mommy and daddy are going to bed.  So I made an executive decision and separated them which was kinda bitter sweet for me and them both.  It took 2 or 3 night for MC to not cry for her sister but Kinley bugs took right to it!  By Monday night they were both excited to go to bed in their own beds.  They each slept 4 straight nights in their own bed so Thursday afternoon they got ices!!!! YES this dietitian rewarded her kids with a cup full of crap,lol!
Happy girls!!!!
 Friday we loaded up and headed to Jump City. There were very few kids there so we pretty much had the place to ourselves!!!
 My sweet girls having a blast!

 MC has become so attached to Kirby (baby doll) she now goes everywhere with us.
 Big Smiles from Kinley Bugs!

 Big Sis helping Little Sis through some of the obstacles!  I was so proud of Kinley bugs she went down the big slide all by herself!!!
 After all the jumping fun we headed to McCalisters to have lunch with our favorite two girls in the whole wide world...Aunt Paige and Cousin Greer!!!  Greer is as beautiful as her momma and was on her best behavior...can't so much for Kinley bugs. IT was her nap time and she had SEVERAL meltdowns!
 Then Saturday Me, Shawn, Ashley, and Eric all loaded up and headed to Dallas! Ashley and I have training since March for The Hottest 1/2 marathon in Dallas.  I wish I could say we had a great time in Dallas, but it was wham bam trip. We got there, unloaded at the hotel, went and picked up our race packets, got ready for dinner, had a fabulous dinner, then it was time for bed!
 We were up and at them at 6am Sunday morning.  We were both as nervous as can be. No matter how hard you train I don't if your ever really ready to run 13.1 miles!
 We got so lucky with the weather. Last years start it was 96 and 104  by the time the first racer cross the line.  I have prayed and prayed for weeks now for cool weather and the Lord answered my prayers!!! It was 73 at the start of the race and in the mid 80s by the end!!!

 And this is our buddy Dee!  We started running with us a few months back.  She is truly a runner...we want to be like her when we grow up,lol!
 Mile 3....feeling good!
 IDK how we were smiling here because we were just a few miles from the finish and we were in serious pain!

I swear the closer we got to the finish the harder it was to keep going!

 This was less than a mile from the finish line....can you tell we were focusing hard.  Shear pain and exhaustion had set in and we wanted to be DONE!!!!
 Just steps away from the finish line!!!

 Finish line in sight!!! Praise the Lord!!!
 And it's over...13.1 miles.... We ran every step of it!  I am so proud of us girls!!!!
 13.1 miles.....2 hours 25 mins.....One happy girl with her medal!!!
 There is nobody I would have rather trained and ran with than my best friend Ashley!  We put in MANY weeks of 5 am runs on work days and big long runs at 5:30am every Saturday for months and it all paid off!
 3 happy 1/2 marathon runners right here!!!!!
 MC's school was closed this week so she got to go to school with Kinley.  She wanted them to be twinkies all week twinkies they were!  They started out with the I LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER shirts that my dad bought them1
 Such sweet smiles!
 Worlds's cutest twinkies!
 My big girls!
 And they finished the week in the other Justin Bieber shirt my dad got them!
And though we are just weeks away from turning 2....the terrible TWO's have already found my sweet Kinley bugs....Lord helps us all!!!!


Stephanie Wood Smith said...

I'm so proud of you and Ashley! One of these days I would like to run just a 5K! Running is just not my thing... I always HATED when we had to run the mile in gymnastics!
I'm so glad you and Ashley are such good friends. We were in the same sorority together and she even served cake at my wedding! She's such a sweet girl ;)