Friday, September 7, 2012


Tuesday September 4th my baby girl sprang from her bed at 5:30am and ran into my room.  She climbed into bed with me with the biggest smile on her face and said Mommy I can't wait to be FIVE!!!! I kissed her and with big ole tears in my eyes I said baby it's your birthday, you are FIVE!!! 
I can't believe my first born is already five years old.  The time has flown by so unbelievably fast. From the moment I heard her first cry my life changed instantly. I new in a split second what "this amazing love" was that my mom had been telling me about. I knew why my mom still told me at 27 years old to drive slow, wear my seat belt, and dont' pass anybody.  I was responsible to somebody and for somebody from that moment to the day I leave this earth!  
Micah Claire Cowart you one of the two most amazing gift's the Lord has blessed me with.  You are feisty, hard headed, and yet so nurturing little girl. You give me a run for my money almost everyday but I still love you to the moon and back. Claire Bear are a part of me, my heart, and my soul forever and always.  
First Picture as a 5 year old

 Such a sweet picture of my big girl!

 All FIVE fingers are up this year. Can't believe next year we will require two hands to show our age :(
 Such a sweet smile, LOVE IT!!!!!

 Kinley bugs coudnt resist getting her picture made with sissy!
 Daddy and his 5 year old big girl!!!
Ms. Kelly putting MC's birthday necklace one
 She LOVED it and counted the candles on it over and over
 Then it was time to put the candles on her b-day each candle went on I could feel the tears coming on.  When I dropped her off that morning she said momma are you gonna cry in front of all my friends?  I said I don't know baby; to which she replied..... just please try not to momma! So I only let my eye fill but didn't let one drop for her sake,lol!
 All five candles on the cake!!!!
 Time to open the present Ms Kelly and Ms Mae got her
 She got the book Barn Storm
 And Ms. Kelly read it to the entire class.  The way she is sitting with her legs crossed and her hands on her knees like a little lady just kills me!
 PARTY TIME!!!!!!!!!!
 MC and Kalyn ready to dig in!!!
 Lighting all five candles!!!
 She could not have been more excited!!!
 She got them all with one breath; first time ever!!!!
 So proud of herself!
  Mommy and the birthday girl!
 Had to have a picture in the big old birthday hat

 BFF's forever
 totally silly
 totally nuts
 Then it was time to pass out the treat bags to all her friends

 A class picture, this is the best one they've ever taken. Can't believe these babies go to Kindergarten next year...YIKES!
 When I picked her up that afternoon she was more than excited to show me all the balloons she got.  Papaw and Ms Debbie sent her a big balloon with a Justin Bieber card, Uncle Eric Aunt Ash and Cooper sent her a balloon with M&Ms, and Poppa Mike and Mimi sent her 4 balloons with a bunch of candy!!! ONE SPOILED LITTLE GIRL!!!!!
 Then when she got home she had a card with money in it from Ms. Brenda
and her Memaw
Nana and her big girl! 
First 5 year old pic with Nana and Poppa
 And of course bugs had to get a few pics with Nana too :)
 and first 5 year old pics with Papaw and Ms Debbie!
And what's a party with out a ride on Papaw
 LOVE this smile!!!!
Dinner time, but she really wanted to skip that and go straight to her birthday cake
 Kinley bugs on the other hand thoroughly enjoyed her meal;lol!
 She ate 4 deviled eggs....I'm gonna ventrue a guess and says she likes them;ha!
 Then it was time for the Mississippi Mud Cake!!!!!!!!!
 My baby girl...not such a baby anymore
 And MC's favorite thing to do....lick the candles when they come out of the cake
a girl, her cake, and her ice cream.....PERFECT DAY!!!!
And of course Kinley LOVED her cake and ice cream too 
 Then it was time for a few presents!!!!
 She was thrilled to see Papaw and Ms Debbie got her some soap
 Then she realized it was JUSTIN BIEBER SOAP!!!!!!! Look at that smile; cracks me up!!!!
 Check it out!!! Ms Debbie did a great job making this just for MC!!!!!
 Nana got her a a set of nail polish and lip gloss
 And she couldn't wait to see what Poppa got her; he told her it was a GREAT gift, a gift he picked just for her and she was gonna LOVE it!!!!
 oh the anticipation!!!!!
The look on her face is Priceless!!! She was stunned and puzzled to find a rock in the bag
Poppa told her it was a wishing rock. He made her clothes her eyes and make a wish for money. She was hesitant at first but finally did it and when she opened her eyes there was $20 bill laying in front of her.  She was AMAZED!!! She wanted to wish over and over again for money. She was really bummed when they told her it was just a one wish rock.

Happy 5th Birthday Micah Claire, I hope it was a wonderful, special, and memorial day for you! Your daddy and I love you more than anything in this world!