Sunday, September 2, 2012

Granny's Birthday!

Last Saturday we spent the day celebrating my Granny Stoner's 81st birthday! We had a wonderful time hanging with all our family!  

 LOVE this picture!

 MC couldn't wait to take her pictures in Granny's trees

 Sweet Kinley bugs got her first time taking pictures in Granny's tree and she loved it!
 My sweet girls!
 This picture cracks me up. It was SUPER windy Saturday .... hence Kinley's pig tail standing straight up!!!1
 Hanging on Granny's front porch!
 My sassy girls!

 I got them to sit still for one picture......then.....
 Up they sprung and the posing started! Can you tell by Kinley's pose that she has been watching her sissy do cheerleading,lol!!!!
 Cracking me up these days.

MC and her cousin Mac, they share the same birthday and I think that's so neat! I can't believe in a few 
short days these babies will be FIVE YEAS OLD!!!!!

 This child is so sweet and has the BEST manners of any child I've ever met!!!!
 Kinley loved Mac and followed him sweet!
 Mac was even sweet enough to let Kinley bugs borrow his super cape and mask..... PRECIOUS!!!!
 And Mac even let me try it on.  He cracked up when he saw me in it, he told me I look really silly!
MC, Kinley, and Mac had a blast playing football with Kyle and Ben
Nothing like your Uncle dragging you around by your own superman cape; Gotta love sweet family time,lol!