Monday, September 3, 2012

Is this really the last month???

Saturday my sweet Kinley Bugs turned 23 months old.  OMG is this really her last month to be a one year old; dear lord it just doesn't seem possible.  
Kinley you are a barrel full of energy these days. You sing your ABC's and count to 10 a million times a day.  This last month you have even started counting to 20, you leave out a few numbers but it's still amazing to hear you do it. This last month you have learned to sing the wheels on the bus, baba black sheep, it's raining its pouring, and no more monkey's jumping on the bed.  You are back to saying NO all the time!!!! You still love bananas, broccoli, and you could eat pounds of cheese a day if I would let you.  We are starting Mommy and Me gymnastics this coming week and you are so excited! You keep telling everyone you're going to flip on her head and flip on your feet; cracks us up!
And what better way is there to celebrate turning 23 months old than the start of Razorback Football Season!!!!
Such a big ole sweet smile!
My little Razorback!

Razorback LOVE!
Can't believe my first born Razorback is going to be 5 in just a matter of days!!!

Got one good picture on the swing
and then a meltdown occurred,lol!
Her baby look is fading and she's starting to look like a big girl!

My sweetie pies!
Saturday night we headed to Poppa's shop to watch the Razorback play their first game!!!!
MC and Cooper

Yesterday after church and a family reunion we loaded the boat up and head out on DeGray for our last summer boat ride!!!!
My little mini me!
Mommy and her girls!
MC and Cooper chilling on the boat
Captain Cooper is on the job ;)
Coop and Eric taking a vanilla wafer break
Kinley and Cooper keeping a watch out......precious times!