Monday, September 3, 2012

Last First Day At Fun Times

Two weeks ago Micah Claire started back to school!  I  was relieved she was not starting Kindergarten yet and didn't think I would be upset by her last first day at preschool; but that's what I get for thinking,lol!

First Day of School pics!!!

 This is when it hit me that it was her last first day at Ms. Mae's and I about lost it.  When Micah Claire started Ms Mae's she was on of the little ones who went into that classroom on the right side of the building and the big kids where on the left side of the building. I remember seeing her at recess with those "big kids" and worrying about her playing with them at recess. They were bigger, faster, and rougher and she was a 2 1/2 year old baby.  No my baby is in that classroom on the left side of the building, she is the "big kid" on the playground and she looks like a giant up beside those newcomers.  WOW, where has the time gone. It's amazing how fast they grow and how much they learn but it's sad when you realize how fast time is gone and you know in your heart it's only gone faster and faster each year.
 And of course we had to have a picture with our bestie Kalyn.  They look like they could be twin sisters in this picture!
 MC only had to spend 3 hours at school on her first day back because we had a check up with Dr. Vallery at lunch.  It was suppose to be a routine check on her tubes, but she had so much wax in her ears he couldn't see the tubes.  So he had to get in there and clean her ears out and that was HELL! I had lay on my back and hold her why he did it.  She is super sensitive when it comes to her ears and when he started digging she about came unglued. It took all I had to hold her down and let him get in there.  A few minuets later he was done and her ears where cleaned out. He said her tubes were both almost out and we didn't have to see him which my sweet child replied..... GOOD I don't want to come back her EVER AGAIN!  I was so embarrassed but I couldn't blame her.
 After that traumatic experience I took her to Mountain Tower Observation Center!
 She was excited about going until she saw just how high up the tower went.  She asked me if we could walk up the steps instead of taking the elevator....cracked me up!  I told her Mommy couldn't make it up all those stairs.  If you've never been you are missing out.  When you get into the elevator it's black for the first 2 floors then that wall disappears and you can see everything. MC FREAKED out and I couldn't help but crack up because I did exactly the same thing the first time I ever went up in it.  When we got to the top she didn't want to get out. She kept saying I don't want to fall, I think she thought when the elevator door opened we would just be standing in the sky.
 She was still nervous when we got out and she realized how high up we where
 But after a minute or two she was fine
 and she LOVED being up there.

 she had a blast looking through the telescope!
 LOVE this picture! We had a great time spending the day together!!
 She wanted to walk down and see the sign and look off the side of the mountain and I'm sooo glad she did because we got some great pictures!
 I think is my favorite picture ever!!!! She looks so tiny and the view is amazing!
 Such a poser these days,lol!

 I can't even imagine what was going through that little mind of hers. She was amazed by what she could see and how small things looked from that high up!

 and  somehow a cheerleading pose popped out, uhhhhhh!
I am so far behind on posting stuff that today is Micah Claire's last day to be 4 years old.  Tomorrow when I wake up I will officially have a 5 year old daughter. YIKES! It's so hard to even think about, or say, so I can't imagine how it's gonna feel tomorrow.  I love you Micah Claire Cowart!!!!