Sunday, September 16, 2012

MC's Bieber Fever Party

Yesterday we finally got to celebrate Micah Claire's 5th Birthday!  And course there was no doubt 
that her party was going to be Justin Bieber party!!!!
 I was super pumped when her invitations came in.....They were PERFECT!!!!!!
 Before we headed to the park we had to get a few pictures in our Mrs. Bieber shirt!!! Ms. Cindy did a GREAT making the shirt!!!!

 And 3 pics in...up comes the foot... IDK where she learned that from but it drives me nuts!
 Then the serious pictures were over and the posing started;lol!

 I mean really MC?!?!?!?!
 This one cracks me up.... she's just TOO much these days!

 There my sweet girl poses are!!!!
LOVE this sweet, innocent smile!
 Kinley had to have her picture made too.  She said... Mommy here's my Bieber, cracked me up!!!
 My little girl looking like a big girl!
 My sweet Bieber loving girls!
 Then it was time to load up and head to the park and of course she wanted carry the JB pinata herself!

 We headed out the door and turned around to find this sweet face....of course I couldn't NOT take a picture of this precious girl!
 Then it was time to set up for the party and get a few pictures in before all her friends showed up

Coop loved the purple chairs! He's such a little man now!!!
 Little Ms Bieber had to have her pic made too!
 World's biggest, and cutest smile!!!
 MC and Papaw Barry!

 Then we tried to get a group pic.  MC and Coop did GREAT but Kinley Bugs was more interested in sucking her finger;lol!

 Kinley's look just cracks me up.... she is like Are we freaking done YET mom?!?!?!?
 Aunt Ashley and Cooper, two BIG smiles from my favorite two people!

 Mommy and Ms. Bieber ;)

Poppa , MC, and Coop
 MC, Mimi, and Cousin Emily! Three pretty girls!
 Then the cake arrived!!!! It was the perfect JB cake, MC was smiling ear-to-ear when she saw it!

 Loved how good the JB water bottles turned out too!!!!
 Then it was time to fill up their belly!
 Sweet smiles from sweet girls!
 Ms Debbie feeding Kinley!
 MC and Aunt Paige and baby Greer!
 L-O-V-E these girls! They are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside; a true blessing to my life!!
 Time to sing happy birthday to MC!
 Making a wish and blowing out her #5 candle!!!
 Then it was time to open presents!
 She got enough lip gloss and finger nail polish to last her to her Sr High Prom;LOL!
 She got EVERYTHING Justin Bieber that is on the market!! Two watches, a pillow, a blanket, a poster, note pad, pens, a tee shirt, and her VERY OWN Justin Bieber PERFUME!!!!!!
 Then came a present that Aunt Ashley has been waiting OVER a month to give her!!!
 MC's very own SIX FOOT TALL JUSTIN BIEBER  cut out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 There he is in all his GLORY!!! JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!
 Cooper was MADLY in love with JB!!!
 He hugged and kissed all over JB! Uncle Eric was one proud Daddy,lol!
 She got money from Mimi and Poppa and she squealed as soon as she saw it!
Then came the moment I have been waiting MONTHS for!!!! I FINALLY got to tell her what Nana, Poppa, Mommy, and Daddy got her.  I made her guess, and I really thought she would guess it on her first try.  But that's what I get for thinking;lol! After a dozen or so guess she finally stopped and said...... Justin Bieber tickets????? And I said YES BABY YOUR GOING TO SEE JUSTIN BIEBER IN CONCERT!!!!!!!!! She smiled so BIG and SCREAMED and jumped into my arms!!!!!!!!  It so made all the months of keeping that secret worth it!!!!!!!!! Justin Bieber MC and I will be seeing you in January!!!!
 Then it was pinata time!!! She didn't want to bust it open this year because she didn't want to mess his face up. So, this year we just pulled strings. 

 And for a second year in a role Kennedy had the muscle to finally pull the bottom out!
 They immediately dove right in!
 I love how I got trapped in the middle of TOTAL chaos!!!!

 Didn't take Kinely bugs very long to realize what had come out of that pinata!!!!

 Love that Addison was smart enough to make a pile of candy behind her and go back for more! Gotta LOVE candy!!!
 And we couldn't go home without a few pictures with the Biebs!!!!!
 Love these silly girls as much as love JB!
 Such a sweet picture of Ava, MC, and Kalyn!
Thankfully the rain held off the entire party, but as soon as we started cleaning up and packing the car up the bottom fell out!  MC had an amazing 5th birthday party! BIG thanks to all our friends and family who helped us celebrate!!!!