Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Razorback Game #2

Saturday Micah Claire got to go to her second Razorback game! She has been asking, since last years game, when she could go back. On Saturday morning she was up at 6:30 ready to go....but we weren't leaving till lunch,lol!

 We stopped and had lunch at Applebees
 She was so ready to get there she only ate a few bites of her meal and said LETS GO!!!!

 We was pumped when we found where Aunt Ashley and Uncle Eric where tailgating at!
 We sisters had high hopes of watching those hogs slaughter ULM....but that didn't' even kinda happen :(
 The only bad part of tailgating is having to use a port-a-potty but my child somehow found it interesting;lol!
 A lady from the Democrat-Gazette came by and asked to take Ash, Eric, and MC's pic.  It made the online edition!!!!!!
 Piggy back up the hill to the stadium
 Watch the Hogs enter the stadium via Daddy's shoulders, priceless!
 And then it was time to check out Tusk!
 MC was happy to see that they were feeding Tusk green grapes; she said momma he's eating super healthy; cracked me up!
 And of course we had to get a few pictures on the Razorback Diesel!!!
 Family Pic on the truck
 And even a picture with Aunt Ashley
 We got in the stadium early enough to watch the hogs warm up!
 Playing shy with Nick Nick
And what's a football game without a Diet Coke and a box of popcorn!!!!! I can't wait to take her back next year!!!!