Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Zoo Time!!!

A few weeks ago we made plans spend the day at the zoo, but my girls woke up that morning puking their guts.  MC has been bugging me to death to take her since that weekend but somebody in our house has been sick every weekend for the last three weekends.  Finally last week we all made it an entire week with no illness, no doctor's visits, no late night pharmacy runs, and no ER trips. MC said momma we've all stayed well can we please go to the zoo this weekend??? I was suppose to be in a fashion show but I decided forget about it!!!  A weekend with my babies is way more important than a stupid fashion show so I canceled on the show and loaded up my babies and off to the zoo we went!!!!

MC can you smile... Mommy this is my smile. OH sorry I didn't realize that;lol!

Then I finally got a smile
And Kinley bugs was all smiles as usual!
This was her next to the last weekend to be 1 years old :(
We stopped in Malvern and picked up our buddy Natalie!  
MC was such a big helper, she pushed Cooper almost the entire day!
First things first.... carousel ride!!!
They thought they were such big girls since the got to ride the horses all by themselves!
Love these smiles!!!!
Kinley was super nervous; she kept saying Mommy I'm scared, Hold me!
Big smiles from my little girl!

Kinley was fascinated with the flamingos.  She kept trying to stand on one leg like them; cracked me up!
Pretty girls!
Coop didn't know what to think about riding with the girls
So Aunt Ash piled in with them.... check out Cooper cutting those eyes, cracks me up!!!
And now he's pouting;lol!
Kinley was scared to death when we got on the train. I told her to smile and this is what I got
But after a few minuets she chilled out and finally smiled when Aunt Ash asked her too!
My little farmer! Can't believe how much she's grown, last year she couldn't even reach the face cutout and this year she did it all by herself!
My scarecrow!

Kinley loved the little was the only thing she wasn't afraid of at the zoo
Couldn't resist posting this picture of her going to town on this hamburger; she is my little eater!!!
LOVE this picture!!!!
MC and Nat ran up to the penguin display and of course Kinley followed.  As soon as she got up there a penguin swam straight at them. Kinley ran off screaming "Momma he's gonna get me!!!!" All the adults around heard her and died laughing.
And there's no better way to end a 4 hour day at the zoo than with a snow cone!!!
LOVE Nat's snow cone mustache!
Kinley LOVED her some Mat-a-lee; she wouldn't leave her side all night!  When she woke up Sunday morning the first thing she said is... Mommy where's Mat-a-lee??? PRECIOUS!!!!
And of course after bath time MC had to show off her Justin Bieber cut out and I couldn't resist getting a picture of it.  Please don't ask me what MC is doing because I really don't know and that's probably best;lol!