Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy Fall Yall

I guess you can say Fall is officially here even though we are still having numerous days of 80 and 90 degree temps. But I will take those temps because I do not like it when it gets below 85 degrees outside! The best parts of fall have to be the leaves changing colors and the great decorations! This past Sunday we some how managed to be ready for Sunday School 15 mins early; which is a miracle in it's self!!! So..... we 
couldn't pass up a chance to take some pictures with our fall decorations, and I think they
 turned out SUPER CUTE!!!

Happy Fall Yall! I can't believe Halloween is next week, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas!!! This year has just flown by.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Well it's that time a year again... the time of year where our packs up and pretty much abandons us for deer camp.  What we girls don't just sit around and wait for him to come home... NO WAY.... we have fun girl time!  Saturday both my girls slept in till 8:30 am.... OMG thank you LORD!!! They are usually up by 6:30... 7:15 at the VERY latest.  This mommy was on cloud nine I tell ya!!! Once we got up we ate, got dressed and headed to Hot Springs for some retail therapy!

If you haven't noticed I LOVE to dress the girls alike.  MC has never made any bones about it or even acted like she cared one way or another. But we found her this cute outfit and she said Mommy is there one for Lizzie, I want her to match me.  MELTED MY HEART that she thought about her sister and wanted her little sister to match her!!! So of course we found one in Kinley's size!!! And maybe if it ever gets below 85 degrees here they can wear them;lol!
After a few stores we decided to head up West Mountain and have a picnic lunch! It was a perfect 80 degrees with some nice cool winds at times.   I couldn't have asked for two better girls to have lunch with! They loved every minuet of it and I did too!!!!
My silly little girl, she cracks me up these days!

They had a blast looking down onto Hot Springs!
My prissy big girl!
I got her to take one picture and then.....
She found the leaves and it was over;lol!

My loves!
MC is finally into taking pictures and we got some great ones!!!
She looks so grown up, it's unreal!!!

And Kinley bugs had to do exactly was sister did!


Kinley kept holding her head up in the pictures.....
so sister decided to help her hold her head in place.... cracked me up!

And after 13 takes of this pose......we FINALLY got a good one;lol!

Hey Daddy... see the terrible lighting, shadows, and blurriness of these next few pictures mommy took.  We really think she needs a new Nikon camera for Christmas!!!  HINT HINT!!!!

The side of MC's dress kept riding up and I kept saying...Put your dress down sister and the after a few times of saying that...........
Kinley decides to pull her dress up.  I, along with the others who were watching, just died laughing!!!

I got one picture with a the leg down
Then up it rose....she kills me with this pose!

This picture makes me smile and this picture makes me cry! She is precious but she has grown up too!
So bitter sweet to see these pictures. I am joyed that is is growing and healthy but taken back at how fast she has grown up.  I know I will turn around and she will be 10, 15, and 20 years old!

And this baby just makes my heart melt and my laugh roll with laughter!  She is a barrel full of energy and borderline sneaky!

After lunch and pictures we did a little more shopping and headed home!  We didn't buy much and we packed a made at home lunch but we had the best day ever.  We laughed, we sang, and we had a blast.  These are the memories I love making!  These are the times I hope they remember forever! These are the memories that I hope will make them want to be a mommy one day! They are my loves and they are my life!  I have no idea how much time my maker has given me on this earth, but I am thankful for these children he has given me and even more thankful for everyday I get with them!
After we got home Ms Randi texted to see if MC could come over and play with Taylor.  So we dropped her off and let her stay for a little over an hour. It was MC's first real play date without mommy around! I tell ya she is growing up and doing new big girl things everyday!