Sunday, October 7, 2012

61 months old

On Thursday my big girl turned 61 months old....Did I really just say 61 months old SERIOUSLY!!! It sounds so silly to say 61 months one, when in the world will I quit counting the months;lol! Over the last few months MC has been getting quite a sassy mouth on her and we decided it was well past time to get control of her and her attitude. And bless her heart when mommy and daddy decided to crack down...we cracked down instantly. I honestly don't think she even understood what was coming but buddy she got the meaning quickly!  We went back to every answer is yes mam/sir, no mam/sir, no back talking, no sassy talk, no eye rolling, no hands on the hips NOTHING!!!! We have found that time outs and spankings were not working so we went for the kill... NO TV, NO AFTER SCHOOL PLAY DATES, and NO GYMNASTICS!  I think she really expected me to pick her up one Monday and give in and take her to gymnastics.  When she figured out I had no bag for her and we were going home...... she melted.  After 4 days of intense/strict discipline followed by the losing of fun things.... our sweet baby girl was back.  I am not saying she is a saint by any means but we have seen a MAJOR turnaround with her and it's WONDERFUL!!! I don't' know how many times she cried big old alligator tears and said you/yall are so mean; why are you/yall treating me like this, you/yall arent' nice; you/yall aren't my friends  I had to explain to her that I wasn't put here to be her friend  I was put here to be her momma.  YES!!! That was so a moment that I felt like a mom, did I say that, did that actually come out of my mouth... GOOD LORD I SOUND LIKE MY MOMMA!!! LOL!!!  I never thought her watching a few "kids" shows on Disney would have changed her behavior so much but it DID!! We are now only watching mickey mouse club house, no more of the kid/tween shows.  But the great thing is we have found Nick at Night which has Full House and The Cosby Show. She loves them and me and Shawn have a blast reliving those shows! 
We started this month off with a much needed trim!!! OVER 4 inches GONE!!!! 
 My big girl showing off her new hair do... I just LOVE IT!!!
 And oh dear me another one of her poses... goodness... so ready for this stage to be over;lol!
My precious girls; such a wonderful blessing to my life!
 Two weeks ago MC's bff had a birthday tea party and it was the cutest thing ever!!!!
 I mean they had the hats, the purse, the gloves and the gown... too cute!
 Back side shot; those girls had clothes pins all over them; too cute! After dress up they had an actual tea party that was precious to watch!

 I feel like she is growing like a weed these days... NUTS!!!

 Yep..another pose... the flare of the hands just kill me!
 Totally priceless!
  Pretty sure I'm the luckiest mom ever!!

 These days MC is slowly learning to read, and ask me how to spell words all the time but mostly she LOVES helping me cook!
 She did a FANTASTIC job helping me make raviolis two weekends ago... I'm such a proud mommy!
 I asked her why she put the towel on her should and she said... Because that's what Nana does when she cooks and she a GREAT cook..... PRECIOUS!!!!
 She is extremely excited that October is here and cant wait for Halloween! She wants to be a vampire...WHY IN THE WORLD...IDK but she does.
 She couldnt' wait to show the spider hands she made at school!!!
 My Little Monster ;)
She and her BFF Kalyn got matching hello kitty Halloween shirts... love these two silly girls!!!