Monday, October 8, 2012

Miss-E-Mouse PARTY TIME!!!

Saturday we finally celebrated Kinley's 2nd birthday with all our family! She has been talking about her Miss-e-mouse cake for months now. So, it was super exciting to see her face light up when she saw everything set up and when the cake arrived!

 Ms. Brandi did a great job on the cake!!!
This is one of few pinterest attempts..Minnie Mouse Cup Cakes
 And the best things EVER.... Minnie Mouse cake pops!!!

 I couldn't have been more pleased  with how they turned out. HUGE Thanks to Ms. Brandi!!!!1
 And the water bottles turned out to be super cute too!

BIG thanks to Aunt Ash did the 4 tissue balls for me!
 Officially time to party!!!!
 I mean PRECIOUS doesn't even began to describe this little girl!!!

 Holding put her #2 candle!!!

 Giving the #2 candle a big ole kiss!!!
 She loved her Minnie Mouse shirt!
 And for some reason I had the idea my children would cooperate and take a few pic together. This is the only decent one I got
 Then came the NO MOMMY, I dont take pictures and around she spun,lol!
 After begging I get this half turn/profile pic
 Then my favorite one... The cut my evil eyes at ya pic;lol!!!
 When I said put those mean eyes away....aways she put them;lol!

 Family Picture Time!!!

 Can't believe we got 3 or 4 goods ones; we are usually lucky to even get one good one!

 Daddy, Mommy and our big 2 year old!!!!

 And of course we get the biggest and best smile when mommy and daddy aren't looking at the camera!

 Again cutting the eyes!
 This picture just melts me to the core!
 I mean tell me Kinley's face doesn't just crack you up!!!!


 She had a blast tearing into them all!
 She got some awesome new clothes, pjs, and big girl panties!
 Apparently the present excitement was just much for sweet baby Greer; LOL!

 Then it was time to sing!!!  I really want to thank my mother in law for getting these great pictures of me with my mouth WIDE open,lol! Just kidding Tammy, thanks for taking them!

 Blowing out her #2 candle!!!!
 She couldn't' wait to get into her cake pop..........
 But she thought it was a sucker, she was shocked when she tried to lick it!!
 I think Saturday was the coldest day of the year thus far. The high was in the 50s but that didn't stop the kids from bundling up and playing on Kinley's new swing set! Our other one was falling apart so my mom and dad went in and got her this new one for her birthday and we LOVE it!!!
I still can't believe my baby girl is 2 years old!  She is a barrel full of laughs, spunky as all get out, and we love her with all our hearts!!!!!!!