Monday, October 15, 2012

Where did the Weekend Go????

This might have been one of the busiest weekends we Cowart girls have had in  a while.  Friday morning we headed to the gym. As soon as I was done there we went home and cleaned out the girls dresser drawers and their closets....DEAR LORD it was a task!!!!! We packed up clothes they had out grown which is always depressing to me. I am so thankfully they are healthy and growing but it's sad to look at old clothes and see how much they've grown up....They are suppose to be my little babies forever! I found the shirt Kinley wore the day she was born and it amazes me how little she was.  If you know me, you know I have OCD and I am the furthest thing from a pack rat! I don't keep things, no matter how sentimental it is, things can't just lay around my house.  I gave both girls a huge tub to put stuff in they want to keep and that's where that kind of stuff stays... not in my cabinets, closets, or all over my house. Well, MC  DOESN'T share this same philosophy and it drives me nuts...almost over the edge at times.  I love that she loves all her artwork, and cards she gets but In my opinion when your done with them you need to discard them or put them away VERY neatly.  SHE on the other hand likes to have them ALL over her room, and her dresser, and she loves to CRAM them into her dresser or puts them in her bed so she can look at them at bedtime. So you can imagine the anxiety I had when cleaning her room out and how upset she was. But we comprised and she got to keep a few things.... a few things that would fit nice and neatly in her "arts and craft" drawer.  And while we were cleaning Kinley Bugs found an old passy that Aunt Ashley had gotten her.

 And you can tell she was in HEAVEN with that thing!!!!! Bless her heart she may me addicted to passy's for the rest of her life;lol!
 While grocery shopping Saturday morning I found Kinley a Minnie Mouse back pack. She loves MC's back packs and has begged for one! It was LOVE at first sight. When I pulled it out of the bag she literally jumped up and down and said MY BACKPACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She looks like such a big girl here!!!!
KB showing off her new Miss-E-Mouse back pack!
 She had to immediately pack some big girl stuff in her bag, just like sissy does. And it had to Hot Springs with us!
 We were headed to Hot Springs to Madie's birthday party and it got real quite in the car. I turned around to find this...both out like a light! It was the quietest car ride I've had with them both in years!!!!
 But the woke up as soon as we got to Jump City and they were raring to go!!!
 LOVE This picture...they look so grown!
MC is such a little mommy that is cracks me! Poor Kinley got a face full of water as well as her clothes drenched after sissy helped her get a drinks!
 Me and my girls having a blast!

 Kinley didn't like sharing the ride with sissy

My big girl!
Kinley loves to sit on the horses, but when they turn on she freaks out and I cant' help but die laughing at her.  She has got to be one of the few kids that just likes to sit on the rides....which is great because it saves me lots of money,lol!

 World's cutest cup cake face!!!
After jump city we flew back to Arkado for Colton's birthday party! The girls were soooo excited to get to swim. We closed the pool almost 3 weeks ago and they missed it dearly!
 Kinley bugs was a little overwhelmed by all the big kids
 But she slowly warmed up to them..unless they splashed her in the face.... then she got upset
 And my girl was ready to jump off that diving board.  She chickened out the first time but the second time she went with no problem!

She was so proud of herself for doing it all alone! She told us next time she was going off the high dive.... Im not gonna hold my breath on that one MC,haha!
 And of course whatever big sissy does is just what little sissy wants to do.  Daddy about came unglued when she saw KB but on the diving board.  I didn't think she would do it but I was kinda wrong. She walked all the way out and got a little scared. She wanted to hold my hand so she walked back to the side, held my hand and jumped in!!!!
MC's highlight of the day... getting that wonderful Diet Coke!
 And before I knew it Kinley Beth helped herself to my diet Strawberry Limeade   That cup is almost as big as her face,lol!
 YEP.. She LOVED IT!!!!!!
 When she figured out there where strawberries in that cup she was in HEAVEN!!!! She was a total mess by the end of the party!
And there is no better way to finish the weekend off than grilling with family! Aunt Ash and Copper came over last night and the kids played till it was pitch black outside and they were all dirty as can be!!!!