Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween 2012

We had the funnest and busiest Halloween week ever! Sunday night we went to a bonfire at the Phillip's house and had a blast!

 We couldn't resist taking a few pics with Ms. Jordan's cute set up!

 Maddie, MC, and Maggie Grace. These girls left MC behind at Ms Mae's this year and headed to Perritt and MC misses them like crazy!!!!!!!
 And Kinley had a blast riding in the Barbie jeep with Ms. Macy!
 I L-O-V-E this pic.... looks like they are plotting to get into lots of trouble;lol!
 Great times with great friends....priceless!
 When the sun went down it got cold and Kinley had a blast wearing mommy's gloves!
 Every picture I took she would hold them up....which covered her face up
 I have waited 2 years for Kinley to be able to wear MC's old kitty cat dress..... it's so stinking cute!!!!
 And so is my Kinley bugs!!!

 Tuesday MC got to wear her costume to school and do some trick or treating around her daycare!
 And finally Halloween was officially here!!!! Mimi got the girls these SUPER cute pumpkin dresses
 My littlest pumpkin
 My biggest pumpkin
 My pumpkin heads;lol!

 This picture just cracks me up.... one talking got the nose crinkling going on...our crazy life!
 SO SWEET!!! Still can't get over how big they are!
 Mommy and her two sweet pumpkins!
 MC and Daddy!
MC asked to take our picture.... and she did a pretty good job I must say!
 9:30 am its time party at MC's school!
 She and all the others were extremely giddy!  Oh to be 5 years old again,lol!
 And of course we had to take a pic with our bestie Kalyn!
 ICING FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   :)
 And there's that crinkled nose... AGAIN!
 I've learned that crinkled look fades quickly and to just snap away and you will finally get one with out it,lol!
 Ms. Kadre made some super cute witches broom good bags!
 Class Picture time...can't believe this is there last Halloween party and next year they will be in Kindergarten 
 Then 2:00 it was time to party at Kinley's bug's school!  LOVE THIS SMILE!!!
 And of course she went straight for the cup cake!!!
 And no party is complete without Cheetos..... Thanks Ms. Heather ;)
 One Happy Girl!!!
 Madi, Kinley and Macy
 Sweet baby girls!
 They crack me up!

 She was SUPER excited to get TWO treat bags!!!
 MC sporting her spider hat.....tooooo cute!
 Then it was finally time to go trick or treating!!!!

 My precious Snow White
 And my Crazy little Witch

 They couldn't wait to fill those buckets up... and fill them up they did!
 Daddy and his little Princess!
 My crazy little family :)

 Ms. Debbie, Papaw Barry and the girls!
Even though Halloween if officially over...these two girls have candy that will probably last them till Easter! Hope you all had a great Halloween!!!!


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