Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Oh so close to Christmas!!!!

MC is so ready for Christmas this year and it tickles me to death! I LOVE Christmas, it is my favorite time of year and I LOVE that she LOVES it too!  

Friday I took both girls to school and started doing some of my Christmas shopping.  MC asked me a million times... what are you going to get for me mommy???? Such excitement;  I can't wait to hear her running through the house Christmas morning!!!! I picked them up early and we headed to the park to enjoy the 75 degree afternoon.... ONLY IN ARKANSAS would it be 75 at the end of November;lol!!!
My little girl who loves to say... I swing like a big girl mommy!!!!
My little acrobats!!!

Friday night we put up MC's pink Christmas tree!!!!

Last year she wasn't much taller than the tree... and this year.... she TOWERS over it!
The first ornament going on!!!!!!!!!!
Even Kinley bugs was excited to put an ornament on and of course she said.... I do it by myself mommy, I big girl! YES you are Kinley bugs, you are my little big girl!
They had a blast putting the ornaments on. I had a blast sitting back and watching them decided which ornament to put on and where to put them!
MC showing off her "first born/mommy's favorite" ornament!
MC loves taking pics these days and  she does a pretty good job I think!
Mommy and her big girl!
The did a great job decorating. We are going to get some zebra print ribbon this weekend to finish it up and then it will be complete!!!!
Saturday we decided to get out our Christmas outfits and head out to see the big man himself...Santa!!!

LOVE this collage app on my iphone....might even say I have become addicted to it;lol!!!!
And cousin Cooper joined us!!!!!!!!!! I have no idea what we do in the years to come if me and ash each have another kid.....guess one of us will have to break down and buy a mini van... NOT that means you ASH!!!!!!!
Well... Kinley was not to excited about Santa when she got near him; but she did get close enough to him to tell him her list. SO only MC got a pic with Santa!  Maybe next year they will both take a picture with Santa!
After Santa and some serious shopping we went to Orange Leaf.  I have heard people talk about this place but dear Lord it was more amazing than I ever expected.  Yogurt and toppings for days....true heaven!!! It's a good thing me and Ash ran 6 miles that morning because we went to town in that place.... chocolate OVERLOAD!!!! The kids enjoyed it to and had a blast in there!

Sweet Yogurt Smiles!!!!
LOVE this smiling face!
Sweet hugs from mommy's little bugs!
Finally Sunday came!!!! Daddy had been gone to deer camp for 10 long days and his girls missed him so much!
Kinley is turning into such a poser these days
cracks me up!!!!
My crazy, lovable girls!
Kinley, MC, and Kirby of course
Uhh and MC had to have a pic alone with Kirby! I am so ready for her throw that nasty doll away, it kills me!
Kinley Bugs Back to posing ;)
Looks like we have another camera ham in our house!