Monday, November 5, 2012

The Silver Month

Kinley bugs are you 25 months old!  You are growing like a dang weed! Yesterday we were digging around in your closet and I noticed that you were already taller than the mark we made on the closet door just one month ago!  You have started asking WHY and you do it a MILLION TIMES a day it seems like.  You now count to three and if me, sissy, or daddy hasn't done what you told us to you make us go to time out; CRACKS us up!!! This month you started taking vitamins and you call them diamonds.  Every morning before we leave for school you say.... Daddy I need my diamonds.. and mommy says me too daddy I want some diamonds and we all laugh!  You still do not make the "H" sound and though it drives Nana crazy we LOVE it and we all talk like you now. We say "elp me" for help me; "taht's ot" for that's hot; "you urt me" for you hurt me. You had a great time trick or treating and and no problems saying trick or treat at every house we went to.  You have started learning Christmas songs at school and you are singing them like crazy. We went to Wal-Mart Saturday morning and every snowman you saw you SCREAMED .... MOMMY IT's KISSMAS (Christmas)!  I LOVE IT!!!!! I am so excited that you are excited for Christmas, 
this may be our best one yet! 
Officially 25 months old!!!

You are really getting into taking pictures these days.You tell me where and how you want to take them.  You have recently discovered letters above your bed that spell out your name.  When we started taking these pictures you said... I want my name Mommy.  Which I thought was a GREAT idea Kinley Bugs!

Are so loving mommy and me gymanstics.  You tell me everyday... Mommy I want to go to nen-nastics!
You love wearing tutu's with your leotard!

Such a big girl and a big smile!

This month you decided you wanted to brush your teeth all by yourself just like sissy!
And you have done a great job at it!!!

You still LOVE to pose with your foot on my wall, just like sissy!

And you LOVE shoes more than anything in this world...... especially mommy's shoes!
Every time we walk into gymnastics you automatically ask....where's Kennedy? You love her to pieces!
You loved the hot pink and black tutu you found in sissy's closet and couldn't wait to wear it to nen-nastics!
And you made me take a picture of the back of it too....silly girl!
My sweet baby girl!
This picture just cracks me up... I think you strained so hard to smile I can see every vein in your neck;lol!

You still love your Minnie Mouse back pack and take it EVERYWHERE we go!

And last week you finally got to eat a bowl of cereal just like sissy!
You loved it and did a great job!!!! You are growing and changing so much everyday it truly is amazing to just watch!