Monday, December 3, 2012

26 months

Friday was Kinley's  last day to be 25 months old and her last day with all that long, crazy hair!
Last picture with long hair!!!! 

Kinley showing all the crazy hair!!!
The it was cutting time at the Hair Shack!!!
She could have cared less what Ms. Brandi did as long as she got her sucker!!!!

The finished product...super cute cut!!!!
I thought a few pictures with a pretty flower would be precious.....
but my bugs was totally distracted by the flower

She couldn't resist smelling the flower

She kept saying Mommy is smells so good!

Oh wow let see what's on this side of the flower;lol!

Then finally she was finished studying the flower and I got some good pics!

L-O-V-E this one!!!!

Big smiles from my big girl!

This child is now loving getting her picture taken and is non-stop when the camera is on!
I mean really Kinley?!?! :)

Finally a semi-still picture!

Kinley bugs you are 26 months old and more full of life than you have ever been.  You are spunky TIMES TEN!!! You have more energy than anybody I know. You are really coming into your own these days. You have the driest sense of humor and it cracks us up all the time! You LOVE to roll and cut your eyes are everybody and everything these days!  You say a million times a day... I'm a big girl, I do it myself!  You are also the clumsiest child I have ever met.  You walk into doors, tables, walls, pretty much anything!  You are OUT OF DIAPERS and this mommy is PUMPED UP!!!! You wore panties all week last week to school and only had 3 accidents. This weekend you only  had 1 accident. A few nights this last week you even kept your pull up dry ALL NIGHT LONG!!!! You are so ready to start school at Ms. Mae's with sissy, you ask everyday... I go with sissy to Ms. Mae's today?  You have even started crying when we drop sissy off at school. It totally breaks my heart but you will be there soon baby girl! One day I called sissy Claire and you said... NO Mommy, her name is Micah Claire! Totally cracked me up to hear you correct me!!! You are SOOOOO into Christmas; you ask every morning if it's snowing outside.  You call almost every Christmas decoration a snowman and you say HoHoHo all day long.  We love to the moon and back Kinley bugs!!!


Anonymous said...

She is precious Brooke!!