Monday, December 10, 2012

5 years 3 months

Micah Claire you have turned into my little flipper this month. You have mastered the art of back walkovers and stared doing back handsprings on the trampoline ALL by yourself! It is just amazing to watch to work so hard and accomplish new things all the time now!  I love your dedication and hard work  its very admirable! You are dead set on being a cheerleader; you beg us everyday to let you join the little kids cheer squad. You are finally understanding the concept of writing your name in a straight line! You are spelling things like crazy these days and always asking me to spell thing for you.  You love to call our random letters.. like.... tta, mah, quu,... then say mommy what does that spell and I make up some silly word and you die laughing.  One day you randomly said ...what does ass spell..... and I about choked on my spit!! I know it was just random letters you had no idea what it meant but it floored me! You are so excited about Kinley getting potty trained and you cant wait for her to start Ms. Mae's with you.  You like to tell her things that happen at Ms Mae's and what it's like to go there and it's super sweet to hear you explain it all to her!  You told me you were going to spend Kinley's entire first day in her classroom just so she wont be alone and afraid   TOTALLY SWEET  of you Claire Bear!  You got a video from Santa last week and found out you made his "good" list! You are more than ready for Christmas this year!!!!!

We had a great time taking this month's pictures at OBU! You love to look at our wedding pictures so I took you to Berry Chapel where Daddy and I married! I told you how we married there, Nana and Poppa married there and Uncle Matt and Aunt Laura also married there.  When we left you said.... Mommy am I married now?  Totally cracked me up to hear you ask that! My answer was NO!!! You must be really, really old to get married;lol! Love you Claire Bear!