Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Snow Babies

We hardly ever get snow in Arkansas! And if they say it's going to snow.... IT DOESN'T!!!! So a few days ago when they were calling for several inches of snow I thought YEAH RIGHT, WHATEVER!!!! Little did I know or expect what was to come! It started snowing yesterday afternoon and didn't stop till the wee hours of the morning. We wound up with almost 6 inches of snow.... TOTALLY CRAZY!!!!! Our power blinked on and off several times during the late afternoon night but around 9pm it went out and stayed out till almost 2pm today.  It was a cold, long day but we tried to make the best of it!  
KB starting to bundle up to go outside and play! This is the first snow she was really been able to partake in and she was MORE than ready to do it!!!

This child who lives for and in shorts, tank top, and flip flops was NOT happy that she had to put on leggings, jeans, 2 pair of socks, a shirt, a pull over, and a jacket, a hat, and a scarf...... just to go out to play. She kept telling me, I'm not cold; I'll be fine mommy!

The trees in the back yard were loaded down!

Pure white snow!
Just beautiful!
Love seeing the tress down the drive way covered with snow!!!

Picture perfect!
LOVE seeing this hill covered; just peaceful, beautiful, and amazing to see!

Even though it was 29 degrees and snow was EVERYWHERE the sun was bright as EVER!

KB was everywhere, she loved every min of it!!!

The couldn't wait to get on the trampoline and jump with all that snow!

Grab a snow ball......
1.2.3. throw it up in the air!

MC remembered making snow angles from last year and she couldn't wait to make one!!!

MC precious snow angel!
KB wasn't too sure about the snow angle thing; she just liked to lay and giggle
KB semi snow angle print!
So sissy tried to teach her how to do it....totally cracked me up!

And another snow angle!

KB thought she would try it again ....but this time she got snow down her pants and she didn't' stay down long

And of course little sister had to eat it!!!
COLD... she said

And MC had to try some too!

I LOVE the snow but we have had our fun and I am ready for it to go away and summer to return!!!!

Christmas Eve Night and Christmas Morning!!!

Christmas morning is always NUTS in our house. The kids playing with their Santa gifts and Grandparents popping in almost immediately, so we never get time to really do our little family Christmas and enjoy it. So this year we decided to do our stuff Christmas Eve before bed.  

 MC is so ready to get her new bedroom but she's been missing a few pieces.............
 Can ya tell she's been wanting these pillows and was THRILLED to get them from her Daddy!!
 She didn't want to let the first one go in order to...........
 see there was a purple pillow in there too!!!!
 And then her gift from Mommy!!!
 It was a total hit; even though she guessed what it was as soon as she saw the little box

 Pink and Purple earrings!!!!!!!!

 Kinley bugs was soooo pooped from the long day she almost didn't have the energy to open her presents
 But when she saw Daddy got her a Razorback shirt she came alive!!!

Our little Razorback!!! TOO CUTE!!!! And she was so happy to see that Mommy bought her a ladder for the trampoline. Now she wont have to try and get off by herself and land face first AGAIN!!!!!
 They couldn't wait to see what Mommy got daddy. I wouldn't tell because they can't keep any kind of secret!
 When he opened one... MC screamed IT'S PANTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Which TOTALLY cracked daddy up!
 And they were excited to see that Daddy also got Electronic Monopoly!!!!
 It took everything to get those two girls to go to sleep that night; it was almost 11 pm before they crashed so these elves were up LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 But it was ALL worth it when they woke the next morning.  The house was full of loud running foot steps, squeals, and screams! This was by far the best Christmas we had to date!!!
 MC was soooooo excited to see Santa brought her the big girl bike she had been asking for!

 And she was OVER THE MOON to see her Easy Bake Oven under the tree too!!!!
 And sweet Kinley Bugs was SUPER excited to see she got the baby high chair and baby cradle she has been asking and asking for!!!
 And she LOVED the Minnie Mouse 4 wheeler which was a TOTAL surprise to her!
 Then it suddenly hit MC that she needed to check her stocking! She got Hello Kitty Body Wash
 The Bridgette CD she has been HOUNDING me for MONTHS to get her!!!!
 And he brought her a DIET COKE!!!!!!!!!
 Kinley got house shoes, bath crayons and new Dora Panties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 They had heard it may snow on Christmas, so I said lets look and see if it snowed...... It took them SEVERAL seconds to realize Santa brought them a brand new trampoline and they were TICKLED!!!!
 This is MC's face when she realized it was raining and she couldn't go out and play on it....cracks me up!!!
 Kinley went straight to feeding her babies 
 The rain lasted a few hours and then turned to snow  and were OVER JOYED to see it falling!!
By night time we had almost 5 inches!!!!

They had a blast using Kinley's bath crayons!

 And mommy LOVED them too because they wash off so easy!

 For our bedtime snack we decided to break out the easy bake oven and make some cupcakes!!!
 Icing the cupcakes
 Then came the sprinkles!!!
 TaDa... the finished products!!!!
And Kinley Bugs LOVED them too!!! We got them cooked and eaten just in the nick of time because our power went out from 9pm till 2pm today.