Monday, December 3, 2012

An Early Christmas Surprise!

Last week my super sweet husband decided to give me my Christmas present a little early so I could enjoy it through the entire Holiday season.  He got me a new Nikon D3100!!!!! Even though I have been begging  asking for it for months now, I didn't not expect to get it an entire month before Christmas!!! Needless to say I was ECSTATIC and have been taking pictures like crazy lately! I totally forgot how much I  loved and used my old Nikon! Last Sunday I had a blast taking the girls pictures in their Ginger Bread dresses, so much fun that we were almost late to Sunday school;lol!

Nothing like a good ole neck squeeze, lol!

This may have just taken over as my new favorite picture of them!!!
Oh my little baby girl has turned into a CAMERA HAM!!!!!!

There are no words for this pic.... it just cracks me up!

And surprisingly my big girl was calm for a few pictures!

Big sis still calm

Then she couldn't take Kinley having all the fun and out that leg popped.............
and then it was game on.... arms, lips, name it.. it was moving and a grooving for pictures!!!