Saturday, December 15, 2012

Breakfast with Santa....Dinner with Aunt Paige

 We started this morning out by having breakfast with Santa Clause! The girls were so excited they were up early ready to go!

 My little clowns!

 Maddie and MC!!!
 One missing two teeth and one with a chocolate milk smile....precious!
 Maddie, MC, Taylor, and Maggie Grace!

 These girls were all at Ms Mae's last year but they left MC behind for Pre-K and Kindergarten and MC has missed them all so much!
 MC and Santa...............Kinley told me all morning she was going to be a big girl and sit in Santa's lap.....but when it was our turn she had a SUDDEN change of heart and refused to go near him, but she did take a candy cane from him;lol!
 Then it was time to make some reindeer food
 And Kinley bugs loved every minuet of it!!!

After nap time Aunt Paige, Uncle Jody, and sweet baby Greer came over for an early Christmas!

 This beautiful little baby is nothing short of a miracle and makes this Christmas twice as special for us!!!
 Kinley was so sweet to share her bouncy zebra with Greer!

 MC and Aunt Paige
 Pretty girls with pretty smiles!
 And what's a family Christmas without trying to get a few pictures of the kids...take 1
 take.... 30.....
 take..... 33....
 last attempt...take.... 40....close to success as you can get with 3 little ones ;)
 I think Greer is saying....hmmm what an interesting creature my momma left me with;lol!
 G has such the intense Cowart's way to genetic

 FINALLY both looking and both smiling.... so worth all the effort!!!!
 At dinner MC said... I wish we could keep Greer.....precious!!!
 Greer was all about some Uncle Shawn
 And I think he dug her too,lol!
 After dinner and WONDERFUL calorie free dessert it was time for presents!!!!
 Oh the anticipation!!!!
MC got some new Fancy Nancy books and was super excited and Kinley bugs got an awesome Mickey Mouse book with a camera!

I can't believe Christmas is only 10 days away....NUTS!!!!!