Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas with Nana and Poppa

Friday Night was the kick off to our Christmas; we headed to Nana and Poppas for food, fun, and presents!
My big girl!
And My little girl!

This child who use to LOVE the camera now could care less to take pictures; I have to beg and plead and even bribe to get her to take a picture... DISLIKE!

But this little girl.... LOVES the camera and can't get enough of it!  LOVE that big ole cheesy smile!!!

Two big ole cheesy smiles!
They looks so sweet and innocent in pictures;lol!
Nana and her favorite girls!

Nana and bugs!
MC and Nana
This one just cracks me up....totally NUTS and I love every bit of it!!!

Can't get over how big she looks in this picture.... CRAZY!!!!
My two knuckle heads!
MC and Cooper!!!

Two girls with big smiles and Coop with the deer in the head light look

Take two....... still not a winner
Coop looks like he wants to scream....I AM OVER THIS!!!!!!!!
Finally a smile from Coop but the other two were MIA..... I give up ;)

Mommy and her sweet bugs!
This picture cracks me up.....looks like Coop is showing the girls how to work the Ipad! Sad thing is they can all probably work it better than me;ha!
MC and Uncle Eric.....pretty sure this maybe the last year she can do this with out throwing Uncle Eric's back out;lol!

Do you see Kinley.....NOPE... that because she refused to take a picture and hid behind us

Daddy trying to persuade Kinley to get in the family picture
And it worked for ONE picture............... and then

She was out again so Daddy decided to join her...... CRACKS ME UP!!!!!!!!! Our little crazy family!!!!

Okay daddy wont do..... maybe mommy will!
NOPE she still refused to look at the camera
She decided to eat mommy's necklace instead of take a picture
I have no idea what was said or done  here but Aunt Ash caught us in a very funny moment..... LOVE IT!!!
And Finally a semi descent family pic!!!!!!!
Now lets see how many tries it takes to get one with Nana, Poppa and 3 wild kidos... Kinley pulling Nana's hair and Nana trying to not scream......
Semi good one!!!
Nana eyes closed, Poppa weird mouth

Cooper wondering how he got mixed up with the crazy family.......
Kinley checking out Coop... Coop checking out MC
MC with goofy smile and Coop now checking out Kinley bugs.......
Poppa with a goofy smile
MC and Kinley with eyes closed, Nana looking goodness knows where....
Kinley and Nana having a moment......
Poppa with eyes closed
MC off in la-la land............ we give up...these will have to do;lol!

Nana and Poppa

Poppa sneaking in some kisses from Nana
Daddy and his big girl!
And his girls...wonder why Kinley is holding a green pen.... well, she wouldn't take a picture without it....such is life :)
Mommy and Daddy

The girls couldn't wit to help Poppa open his present
Nana had lots of help too!
Kinley bugs playing Santa
Big, heavy delivery for Cooper Powell!
And of course she had to help him open it too;lol!
and I think he liked it because he screamed ELMO when he saw it!!!!
Kinley showing off the new leotards she got!
Oh the anticipation of gift opening!!!!!!!!!!
Kinley is a PRO at opening stuff these days!!!
She couldn't believe her eyes when she saw what the box of was full of!!!
Rings, bracelets, and necklaces.............

Thanks Aunt Ash and Uncle Eric for ALL the BLING!!!!!!!!!!! She now looks like she could be Mr. T's little girl!!!!!!
Cooper had a blast riding his potty like it was a horse ;)

Kinley bugs LOVED the doodle mat Aunt Ash and Uncle Eric got her!!!
Such a camera ham!!!
MC covered in jewelry from head to toe!!!
She loved Kinley's doodle mat too
And MC finally got the bedding she wanted!!! And of course it's purple and of course that means we will be painting her room soon....DISLIKE!