Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas with Papaw

Last night we had Christmas with Papaw Barry and Ms. Debbie!

Such a cute bunch :)

Papaw and Claire Bear!
Papaw and Kinley Bugs!

Papaw with his two favorite girls!
Me and My sweet daddy!
Kinley was more excited about the M&Ms attached to her present then the actual present
So ready to dig in and open her presents!!!
Kinley was a candy cane full of M&MS on another present and went straight for them.... think she might have a slight chocolate addiction;lol!
They got 70 color markers to share.... REALLY are there 70 actual colors.....good Lord!

MC couldn't believe she finally got a Justin Bieber toothbrush!

And she FINALLY got Willy Wonka and The Choloate Factory and she was SOOOO EXCITED!!!!
She though she got a bb gun.........
but then realized it was a marshmallow gun and was still SUPER excited!!!!
Kinley FINALLY put all her candy down and started opening presents!
She got a marshmallow gun too!!!
They had a blast shooting each other and all of us!
It took little sister a few tries to master it
But she finally got a few good shots in
But it was OVER when she realized she could just eat the marshmallows........CRACKED ME UP!!!