Monday, December 17, 2012

Our Family Pictures

This year has just flown by I tell ya! A few weeks into November it hit me.... we haven't had taken family pictures yet for our Christmas card!!!!! PANIC MODE!!!! Our sweet and super awesome photographer friend Lecie came to our rescue and took some FABULOUS PICTURES!!!! Usually our family picture sessions are full of meltdowns, and or some kind of little girl drama.  But NOT THIS YEAR!!! This year was perfect, everybody was happy, healthy, and excited about pictures.  We even got a few real big smiles from daddy; who hates taking pictures of any kind!!! It is so amazing to think back when it was just me and Shawn.... Then MC came along.... then Kinley Beth. We have all grown and changed so much in such a short amount of time! We may not be the perfect family but our love for one another is! 

Totally priceless!!
Our crazy little family :)

My babies!!! They look so grown up!!!
Can you tell MC had a piece of gum in her mouth....UHHHHH!!!!! Oh well all you can do it laugh!
Sweet sister kisses
LOVE this look on Kinley's face; sneaky but cute.... which is soooooo her!!!!!!
Kinley immediately wiped them off; love the expressions on both their faces. Such silly girls!!!
This is one of my favorites from the shoot!
Daddy and his big girl!
Melts my heart!

Poor Kinley bugs looks like she has had enough of this picture taken business;lol!

This picture cracked MC up when she saw it!!!

My first love!

This look is so her!!! She can be so shy at times and this is how she holds her head and the face she makes when she is around people she doesn't know or is too embarrssed to talk!
This picture was taken only 4 days after she cut her OWN hair!!! I have to admit she did a pretty good job; it's not that noticeable!

And my sassy like spit ball!!! Too cute for words!!!
She has the prettiest blue eyes but she squints them so hard you never see them

There those pretty blue eyes are....serious look and all!

Trying to play peek-a-boo with Ms. Lecie and almost knocked mommy to the ground;lol!
Finally a smile and some of those big blue eyes!

Notice MC with her sassy pose........okay lets try again!
Nope now little sister had to give a sassy pose...they crack me up!!!