Tuesday, January 8, 2013

And it HIT at 27 months old

Kinley bugs you are officially 27 months old and you have officially hit the TERRIBLE TWO's!!!! I really thought we were going to just skate right by them but I was WRONG!!!  You are still a sweet girl but buddy when you get mad LOOK OUT!!! You will now throw yourself down and give a good a show full of crocodile tears, sobs, kicking, and even some screams.  Its funny to watch because I never seen you act like this; you have always been so calm and passive.  You usually go to time out so easily and quietly but NOT these days; you raise 9 kinds of cane going to time out and when you finally get there.  One day, while sitting in time out, you said I'm MAD Mommy!  It cracked me up and I laughed out loud which you apparently didn't like because you then proceeded to tell me that I was not your friend any more.  YEPPERS that one stung mommy's heart a bit but I forgive ya Bugs! You are LOVING sleep these days. You have always been a good sleeper but you normally wake at 6:30... 7 at the VERY latest but this last month I have had to wake you up at 7:30 to make it to school on time. And I was off for 2 weeks during Christmas break and it was nothing for you to sleep till 8 or 8:30... Merry Christmas to Mommy and Daddy!!!!! You are completely potty trained and I am PUMPED about that. You keep your panties dry almost every night; if you drink a bunch before bed we still put a pull up just in case... and it makes your mad.  You say NO Mommy I'm a big girl, I wear big girl panties!  You got a ton of new panties for Christmas but you LOVE to wear sissy panties which are about 3 size to big so they fall off you all day long; but it cracks me up!  You are IN LOVE with the camera these days and ask me to take your picture a hundred times a day!

The BIG 27 months old!!!

Mommy: Kinley open your eyes please....
Kinley: See my eyes mommy, they are right hear... cracks me up!!!
We painted Sissy's room last week and Kinley LOVED being in there and seeing the purple going up!

Oh No... its the side pose with the hands on the hips.... Lord helps us;lol!

World's cutest smile... I think ;)

My sassy little 2 year old!
During Christmas break I took to jump city. You have been begging for months to go back. Every time I put a pair of socks on you, you say We going to Jump City Mommy?
She's always loved going there but usually sticks right by sissy's side... But not this time!
She was everywhere
And did it all by herself!
Such a big girl!
My sweet babies!
Every time we have gone she has LOVED going up the big slide but NOT this time; she was nervous going up the first time........
and MC almost had to push her down to get her to go down
And you can see from this face she didn't really care for it.
She tired to go up 2 more times and turned around each time and came back down
So Up mommy went to try and help ease her fear!
Some what of a smile from Bugs!
Some lady in there was nice enough to take a picture while going down the slide and took this picture afterwards.

Totally Cheesin!
Last Saturday I took the girls to watch he HSU women's basketball game and they had a blast!
Bugs riding her new Minnie Mouse 4 wheeler Santa got her!
Beep Beep!
And for going an entire month with NO accidents in her big girl panties.... Sonic Ice Cream... even in 30 degree weather;lol!