Thursday, January 10, 2013

MC and The PURPLE Sweater

Okay MC let me count this out again.... You are now 64 months old or 5 years and 4 months old...which ever way you prefer me to say it Princess ;)
You use to LOVE the camera; would beg me to take your picture but for some reason these day you are ANTI-CAMERA! If I can even get you to take a picture I can just about forget getting your to give me a smile.  You are almost over the "side pony tail" THANK THE GOOD LORD! You now just want to wear your hair straight down these days. No bows,no bobbie pins, no headbands, NOTHING just hair strait down.  This month you have been GLUED to me like never before. If I am out of your site or don't respond to you calling out Mom; you freak out. IDK what's going on, but think you have heard lots of adult talk, and news broadcast about the school shooting in Connecticut  There was also a tragic killing by your school and for days they had to keep all the doors locked and yall had no recess till they arrested the kid who did it.  One night it was storming and you came and made a palate in our floor.  The wind blew so hard it took the old trampoline across the pasture, blew Christmas lights off our house, blew our porch furniture all over the place, and it blew so hard it shook our back patio doors hard enough that they lost contact with the alarm strip and our alarm went off.  It took quite a while to calm you down after that occurred   Me and Daddy have had NUMEROUS talk with you about how safe your are, how we watch over you, and how God is always there watching, protecting, and guarding you and that you are NEVER alone but you are still really struggling with being alone.  I am so sorry this world is full of terrible people. I would give anything to be able to protect 100% of the time baby girl!

This is all I could get for a smile this month

Finally got a good one but she was looking off and laughing at Bugs

Last weekend we finally painted your room and you were so excited. You would come in every few mins and just squeal when you saw us painting!

Last Saturday you watched your fist HSU girls basketball game! You asked for Diet Coke and the girl gave you a Diet Pepsi and you said.. Hey what is this thing; I asked for a real diet Coke. It totally cracked me up!! I had to explain the Coke and Pepsi products to you before you would even try it. After you drank it, you said... It was okay but it was no Diet Coke...LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 I am not sure how much of the game you watch because Pawpaw and Ms. Debbie where there will all kinds of goodies for you and Kinley bugs.  Yall had popcorn, M&Ms, Skittles, and Nachos.... JUNK FOOD OVERLOAD!!!!

 NO this isn't the same day as the HSU game.... this was the 2 days before.  YES you still have on the same purple shirt.... and YES I had washed it!
 NO this is not the same day either.... This was the day we got ice cream to celebrate Kinley bugs being in big girl panties. YES you have on the SAME purple Justice Sweater.  This day it was in the dirty laundry basket and you STILL go it out and wore it.  You would wear this sweater everyday if I would let you. I have washed it soooo much it is about to fall apart. Which  I guess is a good thing; it maybe the only way I get you to stop wearing it;lol!
 Friday I pick up at from school after lunch time and just you and me headed to Hot Springs. We found you an outfit for the Justin Bieber concert and we picked up a bunch of fun new things to decorate your room with. And of course we couldn't leave town without stopping by Orange Leaf!!!
You love getting to pick your own toppings... this time you did chocolate yogurt with M&Ms, sprinkles and cherries... gag me but you LOVED it!
That night we headed to Poppa and Nanas to hang with the family
And I tried to get a pic of Kinley and Coop
They were having technical difficulties so you.... being the little boss  mommy that you are, jumped right into help
And finally your help paid off and we got a cute pic!!!

Two weeks ago you begged to go running with me and Aunt Ashley and you were so upset when I said no.  But after us big girls ran I took you on your very first run. You are soooo excited, you smiled the entire run! You got to run down the highway like us big girls you and you thought you were top stuff and it tickled me. You ran an entire 1/2 a mile without stopping! I was so proud of you; not for running but for wanting to try it and giving it your all!

You have been running ever since your 1/2 mile run.  I told you about a kids race in February and you told me...... I'm Gonna do it and WIN a big medal mommy   I love to see you so excited about something so healthy.  The race is an entire mile so Saturday after us big girls ran me and you went running again.  You did an entire MILE without stopping.  You got kinda winded at 6/10 of a mile but Justin Bieber came on you perked right up!  I am so proud of you!!! Sunday morning you said, Dang Mommy my legs are sore. Im not gonna run again today; I think a need a few days off. CRACKED ME UP KID!!!!!

You feel and hit your head doing a walk over one day and it took you almost 2 weeks to get them back. You were so scared but you eventually pushed past the fear and got it back.  You are now SOOOOO close to doing a back handspring by yourself. It is so exciting to see you get excited!


Delta Bost said...

I can't believe how grown up your girls are getting! They are adorable! I am sure it is never a dull moment in your household! :)