Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My sick babies

Two Wednesday ago I got a call from Kinley's daycare saying I need to come get her because she has vomited   I thought...oh great we got the stomach bug that's going around.  She only threw up 2 more times but she had a slight fever that would not break; she was not sleeping or eating. On Friday morning she woke up saying... Mommy my ear hurts.  She has NEVER said that so I knew she probably had an ear infection. So we got in early Friday morning to see our doctor and sure enough it was an ear infection but 
only in the right ear.
 After the doctor's appointment we stopped by daddy's office and he gave her a grape sucker......
 But she was so worn out she feel asleep and never even took one lick.

We started some antibiotics and she was better by Saturday morning!!! She was back to he old Spunky self and finally ate after 4 days!!!

Monday night MC started throwing up; at first it was just every couple of hours but at 11pm it was every 30 mins.  I mean 11, 11:30, 12:00, 12:30, 1:00 get the point.... all the way till 3am. She slept from 3-4 then was back up throwing up till 5am; then Kinley woke at 6am and I thought I was about to LOSE my mind.  It has been YEARS since I've only gotten 2 hours of total sleep.  My mom was a saint and kept her Tuesday so I could work. She texted me and said she has stopped throwing up at noon and kept down 2 meals. So..........
I picked her up that afternoon and took her to her dental cleaning and she was tired but felt fine!  I thought it had pasted...........that's what I get for thinking! She woke at 10 that night and vomited every hour all night long.  But this time the diarrhea had kicked in FULL FORCE!!!!

 By 5am she was drive heaving and drive heaved for 10 hours!  Again my mom saved the day and kept her so I could work.  She texted me all day and said it was getting worse and worse and she was worried. So Daddy and Nana to her doctor, who gave her a strong dose of Phenagran and it worked really well Wednesday night and into Thursday.
 Thursday her daddy stayed home with her and she did lots of sleeping but was able to keep down a few sips of liquid and almost 2 chicken nuggets.  But at 6pm when the meds wore off it was back with a vengeance!!!!!!!!!!! She had it out of both ends again every 30 mins. It was hell on her and exhausting for me!  She looked terrible, she was pale, weak, couldn't get up and walk, and when I talked to her she would say... Mommy I don't understand you.  FREAKED ME OUT!!! I would ask her to talk and random, crazy, non-sense words came out of her mouth... BIG TIME FREAKED ME OUT!!!!  Friday morning she was back to drive heaving and you could see EVERY bone in her frail little body.  I weighed her and she had lost almost 5#s. Daddy called Dr. Rucker and said go straight to the hospital.  At the hospital they did a blood draw to check all her levels and of course they were all bad and her blood sugar was dangerously low.... so they admitted her to out pt immediately!

 Bless her heart they drew blood from her right arm and did the iv in her left arm.  She was not happy with all the poking and prodding they did on her but she was a champ. I had to help hold her down while they did it and it took all I had to not fall apart. She kept saying...mommy make them stop, mommy PLEASE take me home, I'm better mommy I PROMISE! Those words were like daggers to my heart. I knew she had to be there and she needed all that but the fear in her force was heartbreaking.
 Bless her heart, she looked so pitiful! And of course Nana, Poppa, Papaw Barry, Ms Debbie and Kinley were all there and all a nervous wreck!
She had to get a lot of fluid and she kept looking at the bag saying... how much longer till I go home and i would say when that is empty and she said that's gonna be forever!  
 She was NPO for the first hour then they advanced her to a clear liquid diet. She kept down some sprite, water, and some ice chips.
 We where there for several hours so my Mom took Kinley to eat lunch and they went to the Dollar Store and got MC a good bag of coloring book, markers, and some gum!  Kinley couldn't understand why sissy was in the bed and what all the stuff was on her arm. But she climbed in bed and gave her a BIG kiss and said I LOVE YOU SISSY!  Uhhhh talk about melting your heart, I had the biggest and proudest tears every rolling down my face!
 After the first hour her color looked a million times better, after the second hour she sat up and started talking!!!!! The third hour she ate 1/2 a grape Popsicle and started playing with my phone.  She even took a picture of herself.... grape mustache and all!!! I hadn't see her this active and alert in over 5 days so I was ecstatic!!!! Afer 4 hours of fluids and keeping all her fluids down Dr. Rucker said we could go but she had to have Gatorade every 2 hours and if she threw up once she was have to come back and be admitted to the hospital over night.  She promised she would drink all her Gatorade if we would take her home, so we did!
 She drank 2oz of Gatorade every 2-3 hours and even asked for a of course Daddy jumped up and got her one.... and she ate 2 bites of it and went to sleep,lol!
 We were all so tired we slept in till almost 9am on Saturday.  MC woke up and climbed into bed and talked by head off and she LAUGHED!!!! I hugged and kissed was the greatest noise I had ever babies sweet belly laugh! I had no idea how much I had missed it and how sweet it was till it was gone for days!!!! She has slowly been getting better ever since. Her appetite is still low; she feels up after a few bites but we will take it! She wanted to have a party to celebrate her being better so we had a family party on Saturday night!!!!!!
 MC and Papaw Barry!
 It was wonderful to see her play and laugh with everybody!

MC's pic of Ms Debbie and Papaw
 MC picked the menu... so we had hamburgers, chip-n-dip, and baked beans.  She ate a whole 2 bites off her plate but that was progress for her!!!
 And of course Nana made her special girl a Mississippi Mud Cake. At first MC didn't want any which has NEVER happened but after  few minuets she ate one bite of icing!!!!!
Kinley bugs ate all hers plus a second helping; my cute little piglet!!!!

We have now made it 5 days now with no illness in this house and we are just about caught up on our sleep; THANK THE LORD!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

That poor baby! I wish I lived closer so I could spoil her rotten. Give her hugs and kisses from her Aunt Christie.