Monday, January 21, 2013

The Biebs... Live and in Person!!! FINALLY!!!

MC has been waiting for Thursday January 10th for MONTHS now and it FINALLY CAME!!!! Four days before the concert, her concert package FULL of Bieber goodies came! I had gotten an email saying they would not guaranteed the packages would arrive  before the concert, so I didn't even mention it it her.
 But to my surprise it did!!! Since we bought 2 tickets we got 2 packages so 
sweet Kinley bugs got everything too!!!!

 An awesome purple and black scarf that said JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!!!!!
 Totally styling!
 A JB light up microphone and a book about JB and it was FULL of JB posters!!!!!
 She also got a VIP pass, a necklace, and a fan club card!
 And a SUPER awesome JB bag to carry it all in!
 The night before the concert Papaw Barry brought over some flowers for MC! She LOVED them!

 Then it was FINALLY Thursday......CONCERT DAY!!!!!!!

 Cody Simpson was the opening act. We had never even heard of him but he was a
cut little kid who did great!

 Then came Carly Rae Jepsen!  This is when MC began to get excited. She knows and loves Carly Rae!!!

 Right after this pic, Carly Rae came over and sang right in front of us and she grabbed MC's hand! I was in SHOCK and MC didn't' know what to think about it! Totally CRACKED ME UP!!!
She had on a black and gold skirt that shined and glittered like CRAZY and of course my child LOVED it!
 Carly Rae put on an awesome show...then it was break time..... OVER 30 mins of break time and my child was about to lose it!!!! I don't know how many times she asked....HOW MUCH LONGER.... WHERE IS JUSTIN BIEBER... poor girl!
 I thought I had my phone videoing when he made his FLYING entrance on these wings but apparently I forgot to hit start and I missed the WHOLE FREAKING THING!!!!!!!!!!!! UHHHHHHH, only I would do that!  I am telling you that place was LOUD! The lady in front of me told me during the break to prepare for the loudest screams I had ever heard. And dear lord she was right, it was so loud it mad my ears heart. Those girls could have brought the roof down screaming that loud!  My child lite up when she heard the screams, the stomping, the fireworks, the lights... It was INSANE!!!!!! It was worth every penny to see her face when she saw him come flying down!!!!
 The Biebs and in person!!!!!
 This kid put on a dang show I'm telling you!
 He danced, he sang, he flew, he popped out of the stage, he did it all!
 His pants KILLED me! They fit like normal pants but had several feet of material in between the crotch; they stretched for DAYS when he was dancing!
 His dancers were AMAZING! I am pretty sure MC watched them as much or MORE than she did JB!

 The props used in the show were OUT OF CONTROL!!!! It was like nothing I've ever seen before!
 This kid didn't weigh more than 90#s but I have to give it to him he was muscled up!
 He wore colored gloves in almost every song.... it reminded me so much of Micheal Jackson

 He came right up to us several times but MC was to scared to reach up for him..... SERIOUSLY MC!?!?!
 He rocked the place for over 2 hours!  It was a GREAT SHOW!!