Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013!!!!

We have the sweetest TWO Valentines ever.... but only ONE would take a picture first thing yesterday morning;lol! 
MC showing me her heart; totally upside down but it's still PERFECT to me!!!
Our first born Valentine has just grown up before our eyes; its wonderful and its sad all at the same time!
MC and her BFF Kalyn!
They sang .........
and danced their "hearts" out; LOL!
After the singing and dancing it was Cheeto time!!!
And then straight into the icing!!!
Icing smiles are the best!  By the time she was through she had icing in her nose and all in her hair! Now that what I call determination and dedication!!!!!
Then it was on to Kinley Bug's party! She was so excited to see I brought her a balloon with a big ole sucker on tied to it!!!
Kinley and her buddy Madi!
Kinley and Emmett....she calls him her boyfriend and it drives her daddy NUTS!!!!
My sweet Valentine and her sweet smile!!!
KB and Madi sweet!
Then playing peek-a-boo with their cups!
And even my baby girl went right for the Cheetos..... think they might be addicted to them; LOL!
And just like bis sis.....straight to the cup cake!!!!
Cheers to Valentines!!!!!

I am so blessed to have these girls as my Valentines; they are the ultimate gift of Love and I will be forever thankful to God for giving them to me!!!!

66 months old

02-04-13: MC, this is your last month to just be 5 years old. Next month you will be 5 1/2 years old....Half way to 6 years old.. OMG I just can't believe it...6 years old... Uhhhhhh hurts my stomach to even think about that!  You are spelling and writing words like crazy these days. You are so ready to start reading and you ask all the time...How many days till I start kindergarten?  That question upset my stomach too; just can't believe you will be a kindergarten in 5 months. You are really starting to LOVE Sunday School and the Children's church our church just started and that makes my heart smile! At night when we say our prayers you are starting to pray for more specific things and people. And if I forget to pray for something important or something we have been praying for you remind me and I melt! 
You just climbed in my lap and said what you righting about me; so I just read the previous paragraph to you. And of course I cried and you just gave me a HUGE hug and said I love you mommy! I asked you what you want me to type and you said: I love Justin Bieber and I just saw him in concert; Kalyn is my BFF and I loving doing gymnastics with her and Ms. Theresa and I can't wait to learn a back handspirng! Great job Sissy, that pretty much sums you up!
You are finally starting to let me take your pictures again and I am LOVING it!!!!1

You LOVE these new flowers in your room and want to take pictures by them all the time!

Totally precious!!!!!!!!

My little camera ham is BACK!!! WOOOO HOOOOO
You had a blast telling me when and where to take your picture out and I loved it!!!

Such a sweet smile!  So thankful God allowed me to be your mommy!

You look so grown up. The little bit of "little girl" look you had is totally gone now :(
You directed me to stand on the back of daddy's truck and take yalls pic...... its not prefect but I LOVE IT!!

28 months

02-01-13: Kinley Bugs you are 28 months old!!!! You are slowly coming into your own. You are trying to figure out your place in our family along with how far you can push mommy and daddy. You are starting to be a little sneaker; you love to sneak gum or sneak things you aren't suppose to play with or have; but its SOOOO hard to get mad at you because she do it all with the cutest and biggest smile on your face. Your new favorite song is the Farmer in the Dale but you call it ....The cat takes the cheese and it cracks me up! You are starting to LOVE headbands and your hair is growing like crazy these days! You are now using big girl tooth paste to brush your teeth. We have went through FIVE different kinds to find the taste you like.  This month you started saying... That is yucky, I don't like it, and That is disgusting!!! You call a sandwich a swam-which and it cracks us up!!! You ask us all the time if you can get your ears pierced; then daddy shows you the video of sissy getting hers done and you tear up and say...I don't want to do that, it hurts! You were only getting your passy when you went to big church with us; but this last month we have been leaving you in the 2 year old room while we go. Soooo... you are officially off the passy for GOOD!!!!!!!!!!! 

Kinley looking like a big girl with this head band!!!
Oh so sassy and cute!

Hands on the hips.........
Hands on the hips, cocked sideways with mouth partially opened;lol!

Oh the foot on the wall reappeared this month :-/
My sweet girls!

LOVE this pic! Just can't get over how grown up they both look!
Camera ham
Can ya see the big wad of gum in her mouth;lol!

So stinking cute!!!!

Cracking me up with this pose!

I mean really KB?!?!?!? LOL
Kinley with mouth wide open kills me!
Finally a sweet pic!

We took Daddy on his first trip to Orange leaf 2 weeks ago...........
And Kinley Beth showed daddy just how to eat it all up!!!
Can you say STATIC!!!!
She is still loving Nen-nastics!!! And she has fallin in love with leggings!!!!
Look at this pony tail....getting some major length on it!!!!!!
Last week she and I went grocery shopping alone and she thought she was such A BIG GIRL when I let her ride on the end of the buggy like sissy usually does!
I can't even tell ya what we were doing; but one day Kinley came into the living room with 2 sippy cups crammed into her panties and we all about died laughing!  This child is constantly entertaining us!