Monday, March 4, 2013

29 months: Last month to be just 2.....

Oh sweet Kinley bugs this is your last month to just be a two year old. Next month you will be a big 2 and a HALF year old! You are a ball full of sweetness and a ball of fire all rolled into one! This last month you decided to call a sleep strike;lol! You have started waking up at midnight and again around 3 wanting to get into bed with us. It has been hard to not go get you; but luckily you only call for us for 2-3 mins and then you turn your music on and go back to sleep!  In this last month you have learned to spell your name (but sometimes you leave L), you know all your colors (sometimes you get brown and black mixed up) and you LOVE the color Silver!!! You know your birthday and love to tell us when it is!  You are extremely excited to be starting daycare with sissy in 3 short weeks!  And you are TOTALLY in love with sour cream; you eat it by tub if I would let you. You also tried guacamole this month and LOVED it!  And for some strange reason you have developed a hate for milk; which makes me super sad!  We love you bunches and bunches Kinley Bugs!

I love that you smile with your entire face; such happiness!

Yep... .that's a big ole wad of bubble gum in your cheek;lol!
Then I get a picture with one eye opened; cracks me up!
YAY...finally a smile with both eyes open!!!
You love the letters on the wall and this month you wanted to take your pictures with the letter "I"
 I mean this face just cracks me up girl!!!

You LOVE sissy new room and you always ask to take your pictures in there now.

You are such a silly girl and a camera ham!
Note the lip gloss (which you still call nip-nip) in your hand!
Just precious!!!!
Oh here comes the attitude ;)
I mean how can you not LOVE this angel face!!!

Yep here come that sassy side again

And this picture SCREAMS Kinley!!!!! She make this face when she say that's gross, or that's disgusting!!!!