Sunday, March 31, 2013

5 and A HALF!!!!!!!!

March 1st..... My first born officially turned 5 1/2 years old!  Gee Whiz, she is half way to SIX YEARS OLD!!! This last month has been full of BIG changes for our family, and especially for MC. I took a job at a local hospital; so for the first time in almost 6 years I am working full time.  My new job was suppose to be on a as needed basis..... maybe a Friday or two a month.... BUT to train I had to pull several Friday's in a row and then one of the full time Dietitians resigned and they have had me working like crazy to help pull her load.  MC has always been home with me on Friday's and is really having a time adjusting to my new schedule.  There are days when she begs me to not go and to stay home with her and it TOTALLY breaks my heart to tell her I can't stay home.

All this working has lead to a HUGE blogging slack... so technically MC you are 5 years 6 months 27 days old.  And since I'm late posting this I know all the SUPER AWESOME thing that have happened since you turned 5 1/2 but I will make individual posts of those special things over the days to come!!!
Micah Claire....... HALF WAY TO 6 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!


Love this smile!
You asked if Sister could be in your pictures and that made me one proud mommy!
My little camera hams!

Totally precious! It seems like just yesterday that MC was as little as Kinley Bugs
BIG smiles!
You have TOTALLY grown out of naps these days; which is bitter sweet for me!  Sundays we got to church, have lunch, and take 2-4 hour naps..... that is all of us do and you play in your room.  Well 2 Sunday's ago we woke from nap time to find you dead asleep in the living room..... You were dressed in my old dance tutu, a leopard print bow and your high heels...... I couldn't help but take a picture 
And your had your play cell phone and all 42 bracelets you own on too!
I couldn't pass up a chance to take a picture of this cute tutu bum!!!  You have always been my princess and will always be MC!
Last week we had a MAJOR spring cleaning.  We cleaned out closets, drawers, etc....... and you and sister had a blast and played dress up while I worked my bottom off. You came with a bathing suit and my boots on.... I about wet my pants!  You are such a silly girl, you love to come up with crazy dances, outfits and hair styles and that make me love you even more.  You are defiantly a free spirit!
This month you got your back handspring on the trampoline!  Once you learned it, you did it over and over again   Some days you love tumbling and some days you could care less and want to quit.  This totally frustrates me; not because I want you to be perfect, but because I don't want you to be a quitter.
This month you have started spelling words like wild fire, you are reading a little bit and dying to read more! I think Kindergarten is going to be a blast for you!!! You are obsessed with growing your finger nails out and I have no idea where that came from. You love for me to file them but WILL not let clip them. You are back to wanting to wear a bobbie pin in your hair everyday, no bow, no headbands, no pony tail, no side pony tail..... just a simple bobbie pin.  You have really taken an interest in the bible, Jesus, and being baptized.  It makes my heart leap out of my chest when you ask me in depth questions.  Daddy and I are so proud of the walk you are starting to take with the Lord! We pray you become a God fearing woman who loves the Lord with all your heart!  You are a care free, loving, and sassy spirit and we L-O-V-E you to the moon and back!