Sunday, March 31, 2013

On your Mark, Get Set, Go.....

This last month has been full of 5Ks for us big kids and Kids races for MC! She has been running a mile 1-2 times a week for a  few months now.  I surprised her one day with her own music list in our 
Run Keeper App and she was over the moon when I showed it to her.  And of course it is full of 
Justin Bieber & Carly Rae!

 And I have to say our family brings the WORLD'S CUTEST CHEERLEADER to the races!  She gets so excited when she she us running and I LOVE to hear her scream..... GO MOMMY, RUN FAST MOMMY!!!!!
 I finished just slightly ahead of Willie, so I got this fabulous picture of him crossing the finish line and I am CRAZY about it!!!

 My husband ran every step of his first 5K and he beat his goal time by almost 2 mins!!! I mean I can't tell ya how proud of him I am!!!
 She got all kinds of excited when she got to pin her race number on!!!!!
 At the start line sporting the Bieber jacket; cracks me up!
 And there she is sporting her medal!  That smile says it all!
 Two weeks ago we had our 2nd 5K in Arkadelphia.  There was a photographer taking pictures and he snapped this GREAT shot of me and Willie!  And I LOVE IT!!!
 And daddy finally accomplished his main goal.......he beat 5 seconds! I can't tell you how many times I have heard about this "5 second win" of the last month;lol!  I have begged this man for almost 2 years to run with so I am just glad he is doing it; whether he beats or not I am BEYOND proud of him!  He took 3rd place for his age at this race and I finally won 1st place for my age!
 After our race and awards my mom brought the girls down for the kids 1 mile race. MC was soooo excited! There was a 30 min wait before her race and she asked me a MILLION dang much longer!
 Kinley bugs so wanted to run the race, but she was too little. So she found a spot in the back of daddy's truck with her jucie and raisisn and prepared to watch the race.  The race made several loops around a few streets so her and daddy popped up several times to cheer us on and take some pictures!!!

 All the kids SHOT of the start line, so of course they all hit the wall at .2-.3 in..... TOTALLY cracked me up. MC said... How much longer mom and I couldn't help but laugh at her!
 Almost to the end and she asked me to hold her hand and help her get there;lol!
 This maybe my favorite picture ever!!! Kinley wanted to run so bad so at the end she jumped up out of daddy's lap and hit the road with us (she is behind me in this pic so it's hard to see her). Then daddy joined in and we finished the kids 1 mile race as a family!  There is no better feeling than being together as a family, especially when you're doing something so good for their bodies and the LOVE it!!!!
 Then it was time for awards and she was ECSTATIC when they called her name for 3rd place!!!
 The look on her face was PRICELESS!!!!!
 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers taking a picture with the 4 leaf clover!!!
 MC showing off her big shiny medal!!!!
And of course Kinley bugs wanted to get in on the picture action ;)