Friday, April 5, 2013

67 months old

Yesterday my big girl turned 67 months old. Her 6th birthday is just steadily creeping closer and closer. Last week Shawn went and pre-registered her for kindergarten and next week I take her for her kindergarten round-up testing! I remember this time last year when some of her friends were preparing for kindergarten and I thought.....phew thank goodness that is not us; we have an ENTIRE YEAR till that is us.  Well, that entire year has flown by and now we are there and we are them! 

Micah-Claire,you have blossomed this last month.  You have always had your sweet moments but this last month you have really been full of sweetness! You have been very calm and joyous lately. You have also really started to try and thoroughly talk to us about stuff. You use to just get upset, cry and/or flip out. But know you are trying to calmly rationalize your thought process to us and it's wonderful! You have always been a mommy's girl but you are really starting to develop a sweet relationship with your daddy and it's priceless to watch!  You are starting to wind down gymnastics for the year and softball is just getting underway. All year you have begged us to let you try out for the pee wee competitive cheer squad. But, over the last 2 months you have decided your not really that into and that is FABULOUS!!!!! 

 My baby is turning into such a little lady!

 Some days you are embarrassed to smile big (you think your new big tooth makes you look silly) so you only partially smile or you make a crooked smile.

 You first big girl tooth has come in so quickly and I think it looks beautiful!!!!


 Your face cracks me up!!!!!
 My silly girl; love you to the moon and back!
 I just LOVE pictures with your eyes closed; they are precious!

 You look so grown up here
 My future kindergartener!!!!
 One of my fav pics!!!!!!!!
 My precious girls! Truly blessed!

My little camera hams; wish I could keep them this little forever!