Thursday, April 18, 2013


My favorite time of year is here again.....softball!!!!!!!!  This year Micah Claire decided she
didn't want to play tee ball, she wanted to play softball.  Last year she saw some of the softball girl's
crazy socks and that hooked her!  So this year she is part of the
Arkadelphia Fast Pitch League (AFPL) and we are so excited!!

Our little slugger in her crazy hot pink and leopard print socks!
Totally cheesin!
LOVE This one!!!!

Our little number 2....she loved it because it's Kinley's age...such a sweet sister!!!!

Family pic before the game!

Meet the Dynamite team..... a precious group of little girls!!!!!
Saturday they had a big jamboree to kick off their season!

Our little short stop!!!!

She is way more aware of her body this year and is hitting so much better! They played two games and she hit all her pitches...not one hit off the tee!!!!

Cheesin on 2nd base!
just precious!!!

MC's buddy Georgia Kate is on our team and I couldn't help post of picture of this cutie on 2nd base!
Second game of the day....still all smiles!!!!

MC rounding 3rd!!!!
MC heading to home plate!!!!

MC heading back to the dug happy!!!! Thanks Ms. Bethany for taking this sweet pic!!!

Their first game was against the crossbones and MC's buddy MG is on that team. They were on the same tee ball team last year, and were sad they aren't together this year :(

We are so looking forward to the AFPL season and seeing the fun and progress MC and her buddies make........ GO DYNAMITE!!!!!!!!!!!!