Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter 2013

The girls got to dye Easter eggs Tuesday at school and then hunt them on Wednesday!

The were so excited to hung eggs; MC kept asking if there would be money or candy in the eggs. I had to explain these were hard boiled eggs so nothing would be in them.  Her reply.....oh nerds! Cracked me up!
Saturday we loaded up and headed to the delta to visit my Granny Stoner!  This year MC was excited and couldn't  wait; she TOTALLY remembered the "prize egg" from last year!

Kinley bugs cheesin BIG time!

My sweet Easter Loves who were FULL of silliness!!!!

Which led to MC dancing and falling down unto the center splits!

Micah Claire had a blast playing with her cousin Brandon....
who TOTALLY refused to smile in this picture;lol!

We usually have a big Easter egg hunt outside but since it came huge rain we had to hunt eggs in the back master bedroom. But that didn't kill the kids excitement at ALL they were PUMPED!!!!
It was at this point where my Granny said..... Each kids gets 6 eggs.... I looked and Kinley had 5 and MC had 7 so I grabbed one from MC's basket and tossed it behind the door for Kinley to find............
Then it was time to open the eggs and see what goodies they got..............
Turns out the egg I took from MC's basket and hid for Kinley was the GOLDEN EGG!!!!!! OOPS BIG mommy mistake!!!! Kinley said..... I got two dollars mommy and MC said NO Kinley that's FIVE BUCKS and mommy it was mine till mommy took it from me.  YEP.... I felt about 3 inches tall;lol!
MC racked up almost firve doolars in bills and change....not to shabby!
Poor Kinley was more tickled of getting quarters than the 5 dollar bill;lol!
MC LOVES her some Amy Jo and Ben and couldn't help but to sneak up on them
LOVE the look on Amy Jo and MC's face.... up to NO good!!!!
We headed home and got ready for the Easter bunny to pay us a visit!!!!
The Easter bunny left them so great stuff!!!!
Only my kids get excited over a new tooth brush; cracks me up!
MC showing off the boy short underwear she got
And they each got a diet 7up
The only thing Kinley asked that the Easter bunny bring her was sun glass and Hello Kitty Sunglasses she got!!!!
And they each got a glitter paint set!
And then they got an Easter bucket from Papaw Barry and Ms. Debbie
The immediately dug in and were squealing over all the goodies they got

My birthday was last week and the girls got me this SUPER cute Easter wreath so we had to take some pictures outside by it.......even though it was a cold, foggy morning.
My first born looks so tall and grown up in the picture :(

Sweet Kinley bugs

My cutie pies!
It's very hard these days to get a picture of Kinley being still........
She is full of energy and.........
her own ideas on how to pose
The Easter Bunny left lots of neat pin wheel flowers
But it was too wet and foggy to get out there and take pictures by them :(

To say the LOVED their blue Easter shoes is a HUGE understatement  They have been wearing them for weeks around the house and begging to wear them out.  They are such shoe-a-holics!
My baby girl looking totally precious and stealing my heart!
Mommy ....  wave at you
mommy.... I play peak-a-boo with you
Mommy.......I pretend to go night-night
So tired to get some good pics with the flower and it just didn't happen
Giving the big chin strained smile.......too funny
Then she moved on to trying to bench press the flower;lol!
My precious big girl sporting the missing tooth smile!!!!
MC TOTALLY being MC!!!!!!

And my big girl totally LOVED the idea of taking a picture with the flower and she nailed it!!!

Daddy and his baby girls!
MC surprised us with a kiss and it melted me to the core!
My 3 LOVES!!!!!!

Me and my girls!

                                                  Hope you had a Hoppy Easter!!!!!!