Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Half Way to Three Years Old!!!

My baby girl celebrated April Fool's Day by turning Two and a Half years old!!!  It seems like just yesterday were where having her 2nd birthday party and now here we are......only 6 months away from her 3rd birthday...YIKES!!! old are you..... Two and a Half Mommy
How old will you be on your birthday...... 3 years old
Then I will be 6 years old mommy! CRACKED my stuff up!!!!
So innocent and sweet

She makes my heart skip a beat numerous times a day!

big time cheesin
Mommy watch me dance
how low can ya go.......
Can ya take it to the ground!

Yes mommy I can!!!!

Couldn't pass up a change to sing the wheels on the bus
Followed by........ I shake my booty..............

See my hiney mommy???? LOL!!!!

Kinley bugs you are past 2 and half way to three my sweet baby!  You can spell your name, but normal leave out the K and say INLEY.  You can now spell red and blue.  You LOVE to listen to Scream and Shout by Brittany Spears and Willl-I-AM (the VERY edited version) and you love any song on Sissy's Bridgette Mindler CD.  You LOVE to car dance and it cracks me up every time!!!!!!!You love to say... I don't like that, or that's yucky.  You are still VERY scared of every animal in the world!  You started Ms. Mae's last week and you are having a ball!  You tell me everyday that you love going to Ms Mae's but you miss Macy, Mady, Madison  Emmett, JT and John Owen from your old school.  You got your first taste of kool-aide this week at Ms Mae's and you aren't quite sure what to think about it.  But, you LOVE that you get a dessert everyday with your lunch.  You have started calling some of your friends your "best friend" and it tickles me!  Sister lost a tooth last week and you know tell us almost daily that your bottom tooth is loose and it's about to fall out.  We took you to see the Easter Bunny......and well....... you flipped out.  The poor bunny reached out to give you high five and you about decked him!  You still love to watch Full House every night before bed.  You recently saw an older episode where Michelle was much older and it upset you that she wasn't a little girl; I laughed so hard at how upset you got!  We love Kinley Beth!!!!!!